UK Insolvency service corruption & incompetence

Exposing the severe lack of public scrutiny AND accountability

•Government Agency weaponised by predatory trolls

•failure to investigate & Validate sources & Accusations

•attempts to cover up failures, corruption & incompetence

•The public are being abused by bureaucratic tyranny

How the UK Insolvency Service is Seeking to Cover Up massive failures, corruption, incompetence and injustice against Lighthouse GLobal.. and how this also affects YOU!

Why Is THIS IMPORTANT to You?...

A Weaponised Government Agency could target YOU soon! 

your business and its people are more vulnerable than you think

The human cost for you and your  family could be devastating

the material and financial costs are potentially decimating

A dangerous government precedent has been set affecting Us all

Join Us IN Holding tyrannical institutions accountable

One Set of rules for the government, another set of rules for the public!

The public are sick and tired of government hypocrisy and incompetence, along with the bureaucratic tyranny of faceless institutions, out of touch with their humanity, who operate by different standards to those which they expect from everyday hard working men and women.

Together we can create the reach needed to hold these institutions to account. 

Have you had a similar experience with the Insolvency Service or another government agency? We would love to hear from you.. 

“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy”.

Proverbs 28:13




Bitter & resentful Ex-Clients OF LIGHTHOUSE ConspireD To destroy Lighthouse by Fraudulently Leveraging Government Agencies!

A small group of ex-clients constructively conspired to literally destroy Lighthouse’s business and its people’s livelihoods by triggering as many government agencies against them as possible and thereby weaponising them. Their aim was to tie Lighthouse up in multiple open ended bureaucratic processes that would, by attrition, relentlessly overwhelm their already beleaguered resources, forcing them out of business or into paying the complainants undue financial settlements to survive.



False claims (provable by extensive evidence) made by these ex-clients were successfully submitted to Action Fraud stating they are investors or creditors of Lighthouse, rather than the simple ex-customers they actually are. This astoundingly happened without them providing any genuine proof of this. They had instead manipulated a common phrase used at Lighthouse of “investing in yourself” (akin to the ‘investment’ one makes when paying to attend a university) to imply they had a significant investor and/or creditor status with the company, which they did NOT.



Despite their false and non-provable claims, no investigation or due diligence was carried out by the Insolvency Service itself into the ‘complainants’ to validate and confirm their claims were truthful.



The Insolvency Service expects the company under ‘investigation’ to bear the brunt of the costs involved in dealing with their scrutiny. The lions share of time, effort and money required to answer enquiries and vindicate themselves is placed on the target company (Lighthouse), despite the Insolvency Service having done zero due diligence to justify this. Such compliance and the burden of cost is demanded from the company now under ‘investigation’, without any indication of the purpose and potential duration of the ‘investigation’ being conducted by the Insolvency Service.



Lighthouse refuses to comply with the Insolvency Service’s demands, beyond the bear minimum necessary, on the basis that any ‘investigation’ has been falsely triggered by malicious and vindictive individuals and is thereby corrupt and invalid. However, instead of investigating the fraudulent complainants’ and their claims to substantiate the basis for an ‘investigation’ the Insolvency Service doubles down against Lighthouse.



At no point is any offer for support, guidance or legal aid given to Lighthouse, despite expecting a micro entity LLP to defend themselves against the resources, expertise and power of a state backed agency. Lighthouse, having been operating at cost covering levels under attack from online trolls that had severely depleted its income and with extremely limited human, material and financial resources were expected to deal with an incredibly complex and time pressured legal process without any empathy or support from the state. Even a petty shoplifter will receive financial aid, yet an innocent company with less than 30 associate partners was expected to shoulder the massive cost burdens for the state in order to satisfy their system and process without the state having to prove or justify it’s premise.

INcompetence Irresponsibility & EVIDENT CORRUPTION

Treating A Micro-Entity LLP Like A Large Public Company With Extensive Resources

The Insolvency Service have consistently treated Lighthouse International Group, which was a micro Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in a pre-start up phase, that transacted minimal amounts on a cost-covering basis, like it was the size of a large public company with the resources to boot from shareholders, creditors and private or public investment. To have expected a company that was barely managing to stay afloat to defend itself against the resources of the British state is wholly unjust and inappropriate, especially given the basis for its Winding Up Petition ‘In The Public Interest’ was baseless and false.. 

A Null & Void Process From The Very Start  

The Insolvency Service, having acted on false and malicious reports (much to their current embarrassment) in order to launch their expensive publicly funded investigation into Lighthouse, has yet to show any proof or basis for there being any shareholders or creditors of the company. This is despite being asked many times by Lighthouse for them and/or their complainants to do so. Their refusal to take responsibility for this has left things at a stalemate given this makes the entire basis for their investigation null and void

Filibustering & Technicalities    

Given the Insolvency Service stubbornly refuses to admit fault or take any responsibility for it’s grave failings and the injustice of forcing Lighthouse International Group to be wound up, they have since played for time to avoid the reality of this situation coming to light, filibustering with bureaucratic red tape and systemic incompetence instead. Their demands for ‘public examination’ appearances, despite avoiding any and all questions sent to them about their own culpability, is a blatant attempt to manoeuvre Lighthouse into a corner and penalise them on a technicality of contempt. The reason they want to do this is that it would enable them to circumvent themselves being held accountable and to manipulate the process to a disingenuous result. 

Choosing To Prey On Vulnerable Targets     

The Insolvency Service is a publicly funded agency of the Secretary of State for Business & Trade with all the resources and expertise one would expect to be available for such a department to take on large scale businesses & corporates. However, large businesses and corporations have resources that can match if not exceed the resources of the state, making them hard and difficult entities to take on. Small and medium sized businesses are far more vulnerable, especially in a complex system that requires significant legal and financial expertise, beyond the affordability of many business owners, as was the case with Lighthouse International Group. For any government department with targets who want to justify their existence, smaller and under-resourced companies are much easier for them to pick on.

Incompetence, Corruption Or Both? 

The Insolvency Service has been severely criticised by High Court judges for their incompetence and using tactics such as we have described here in numerous cases, in particular that of the charity Kids Company (click to read our article on this). The similarities between these cases and the experiences of Lighthouse International Group show a systemic institutional problem of incompetence and, by all accounts, corruption, which we have written about in our experiences (here). Finding loopholes and technicalities to relentlessly pursue their targets of closing companies down, while absconding to take responsibility for failures and errors on their part, rather than properly assessing the validity and justness of each case, has shown itself to be the Modus Operandi of this government agency in deep and dire need of reform!

“If I could do this all over again, what I would do is DEMAND that I receive this undertaking, that I will not be doing anything, passing anything on until [the Insolvency Service] offer me, on [their] account, a forensic accountant and a lawyer!” 

Paul Waugh

Founder & CEO, Lighthouse International Group / Lighthouse Global

Read on to learn more about the full story and experience of Lighthouse International Group!..


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Bitter ex-clients & Family members initiate an online trolling smear campaign


Predatory Trolls trigger ‘investigation’ using unchecked false claims & weaponise the insolvency service


On Principle, Lighthouse refuses  to (fully) comply with A falsely triggered process

Insolvency Service Seeks to cover up incompetence and bureaucratic tyranny 

In June 2022, the UK Insolvency Service began an ‘investigation’ into what was then the UK registered company and Limited Liability Partnership, Lighthouse International Group. This was the research phase partnership of what has now become Lighthouse Global, which is registered overseas and operating in multiple countries. 

This was not a legitimate ‘investigation’ into any actual and provable or evidential wrongdoing by Lighthouse, which had been operating without any serious complaints or issues since 2004.

It was a bureaucratic governmental process that had been falsely and maliciously triggered (which is provable and evidential) by a small group of vindictive ex-clients trying to force undue and unlawful refunds out of Lighthouse, as well as malignant family members trying to keep narcissistic control of a sibling / their adult children involved with Lighthouse, by destroying the support Lighthouse was giving them. 

X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 28 September 2022

In January 2023, Gary Seymour (Investigator at the Insolvency Service) completed his Witness Statement to support the Public Interest Winding Up Petition against Lighthouse International Group.

Lighthouse International Group, in response, submitted over 700 pages of evidence to the High Court of Justice in defence of the Public Interest Winding Up Petition brought against it by the Secretary of State For Business & Trade as a result of the falsely triggered and thereby corrupt investigation, including:

  1. Hundreds of pages of testimonies from over 75 Lighthouse clients explaining why the work of Lighthouse International Group and it remaining operational in the UK is in the public interest. 
  2. Extensive evidence of how the Insolvency Service’s corrupt investigation is part of a coordinated constructive sabotage smear campaign (started in 2021) against Lighthouse which has involved thousands of anonymous online harassing trolling posts/comments including hate speech, the doxing of children, false reports to the police, deceptive lies fed to the mainstream media and falsely triggering government agencies. 
  3. Irrefutable evidence to categorically prove false the accusations of the Insolvency Service’s sources that there was any fraud committed by Lighthouse whatsoever.
  4. Reasonable explanations as to why Lighthouse did not fully comply with the Insolvency Service’s corrupt investigation and unreasonable demands on the basis of its corrupt foundation and desperately beleaguered resources.   
  5. Proof that there are no unusual, unlawful or illegal financial irregularities at Lighthouse and our willingness to address any accounting errors with HMRC. Especially when even the biggest companies are expected to have inaccurate accounting, as the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has itself reported..  

In 2017/18, just 73% of FTSE 350 audits were assessed as good or requiring limited improvement. This figure is well short of the FRC’s target of 90% of audits requiring no more than limited improvements by 2019.

Financial Reporting Council

Statutory audit services market study, 2019

Lessons, Advice And The Rallying Cry To All UK Insolvency Service Victims: A Terms Of Resolution Letter To CEO, Dean Beale And Official Receiver Gareth Allen.

A frank letter that holds the UK Insolvency Service accountable for their utterly incompetent, corrupted, unjust and tyrannical investigation and treatment of Lighthouse International Group.

The Rolls Building, for the High Court of Justice, which houses the commercial and property business of the Chancery Division.

Lighthouse International Group was wound up here by the Secretary of State on 28 March 2023.

WHy Lighthouse Was Wound up

Punished On A Technicality WITH zero Criminality!

In March 2023, despite Judge Jones stating that non-cooperation was the biggest reason for winding up Lighthouse International Group. Paul Waugh, at the hearing, had recommended the High Court to wind up Lighthouse International Group leading up to the judgement on the realisation of how corrupt this case is and that justice could not prevail (at this stage) given the severe limitations and apparent corruption of the legal process.

Judge Jones stated that she was unable to make a judgement on the grounds upon which the investigation seems to have been triggered (ie from false accusations of ex-clients seeking undue refunds and family members trying to hide abuse) and therefore substantiated that statement that Lighthouse was wound-up on a technicality, rather than any criminal and unlawful wrong-doing. This is not justice but bureaucratic control and justifying their own existence by cancelling anyone that tries to prevent or challenge them on the inhumanity and failures within their systems and staff. Whether Lighthouse went to that court or not, the outcome would have been the same. It was absolutely rigged for an outcome that could justify the public expense of carrying out the corrupt ‘investigation’ in the first place. 

X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 28 March 2023

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X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 29 March 2023

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For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit”

1 Peter 3:10 

Five KEY LESSONS From The WIND-Up Petition

What we learned from dealing with the insolvency service

(1)  The Insolvency Service clearly expects other people to pay for their mistakes and incompetent ‘investigations’ by dragging them through an expensive and extremely stressful and damaging legal processes to do so. This is done in order to vindicate their extremely flawed systems and processes, individuals and departments.

(2) The Insolvency Service seeks to escape accountability and justify their actions by scapegoating the companies and members of the public they are targeting, punishing them on technicalities through a very rigid and complex legal process, rather than taking responsibility for their failures, even when they know they have made the mistake.

(3) Individuals responsible for grave errors of judgement and bad practice within the Insolvency Service can hide behind the faceless monolith of a government institution to avoid personal accountability. Many have escaped accountability this way but we wish to put an end to this bureaucratic bullying and institutionalised tyranny.

(4) The Insolvency Service will waste millions in taxpayer funds on ‘investigations’ simply to confirm whether or not a business has committed wrongdoing, even on the back of spurious unvalidated accusations and reports. This is against the far less expensive process of checking and validating accusations and their sources from the start to ensure they are not false, malicious and/or vindictive.

(5) Because the Insolvency Service does not have the resources necessary to investigate every single claim and accusation they receive, we believe they choose to cherry pick those they consider to be under-resourced and easy targets, often very small to medium sized businesses. This was the case with Lighthouse International Group, which was treated as though like a large corporate entity with the resources to match, despite only being registered as a micro entity with 20 associate partners.

X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 31 March 2023

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“Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.”.

Proverbs 25:26

Non Compliance?

Specifically on the issue of complying… Given the failure of the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Services to investigate the malicious lies and falsehoods that triggered its processes, this meant that Lighthouse had no recourse but instead was demanded to comply on their terms. At the same time, if Lighthouse were to comply to the level that the Insolvency Service demanded, it would have given credence to the malicious lies that triggered the corrupt investigation and wind-up petition. In this case the Insolvency Service desperately need Lighthouse and Paul Waugh to be wrong in order to justify their own wrongdoings. But we are not, and therefore they desperately need us to be compliant, which we refuse to be. 

X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 31 March 2023

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It’s important to state that Lighthouse only complied enough in order to show intent. To prove that non-compliance is the way we needed to go and anyone else who may find themselves in the same position as us in future. If we hadn’t shown any compliance whatsoever, it would have looked like we were running away because of guilt. So we complied just enough to show just how damning it was for us, or for anyone else, to comply with a corrupted process the government refuses to acknowledge and take responsibility for!  

We certainly are not running and we do not have anything to hide. Where we have done wrong, we will repent and pay the rightful penance. However in this case, we stand by the fact that we have not done anything unlawful or criminal. Yet we have been and are being treated as criminals, where the entire investigation from start to finish has been based on the fundamental paradigm of guilty until proven innocent. This is one that flies in the face of the core legal principle of innocence before being proven guilty and the very fibre the justice system was built on.

Desired Outcomes

Pro-Government Repentance & Reform Not Retribution

Accountability – We stand for good governance and pro-government with having the right people in positions of responsibility. We are not anti-establishment. We will confront tyranny, injustice, and abuse of power. 

Transparency – Expose government and bureaucratic cover ups of gross incompetence and/or corruption and hold the necessary parties individually and collectively accountable.

Responsibility – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to acknowledge their wrong-doing and make a public apology. 

Order – As Christians we are fierce advocates for the adherence to fundamental principles, upon which the entire legal system is based. These Judeo-Christian principles, such as truth, justice, dignity and the sacred value of human life. We want order and not disorder. 

Justice – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to set the record straight based on a thorough and accurate investigation. 

Reform – Ultimately for the Government and its agencies to reform in such a way that they genuinely serve the public based on principles of truth and justice.

Penance – We want to be compensated for the damages and pain caused directly and as a result of the corrupt investigation and cover-ups. For the time, money and effort that has been committed to this case which could have been printed. 

Repentance – Ultimately we want our persecutors to repent and turn to Christ †

Groundswell – We want to build a groundswell of conscientious people who want to ensure unscrupulous individuals and organisations are held accountable and innocent people have the reach and recourse to respond to tyranny. 

Introducing David Vs Goliath

Our solution to holding tyrannyical institutions and individuals accountable

David Vs Gioliath Promotional Programme Cover for Lighthouse Vs The BBC (Click to expand)

What is David vs Goliath?

David vs Goliath is a global platform created to give the everyday man and woman the opportunity to have their voice heard and stand up to tyrannical people and institutions that seek to use their power and influence to coerce and bully those perceived to be easy targets for them.

Why is David vs Goliath desperately needed?

Fighting to defend your name, your reputation, your health and your livelihood against large, powerful organisations and institutions attacking, defaming and/or bullying you is no small feat, even for the world’s wealthiest people. 

We can all find ourselves being a David when it comes to facing many forms of Goliath in this world. We’re all vulnerable to online platforms, media giants and government institutions becoming weaponised against us. All it takes is a malicious lie or a deceptive half-truth from a bitter ex-client, a scorned lover, an envious coworker, a jealous friend, a controlling parent or cynical sibling turning on you and your whole life can be turned upside down!

Lies can cost lives and livelihoods in an instant. Whether it’s sensitive children tormented online, restaurants being devastated by vindictive  fake ‘reviews’ or public figures being character assassinated in the press, the effects of defamation and slander can be life-decimating.

How does David vs Goliath help us all?

We at Lighthouse Global were naive in not expecting those closest to us to be those who would turn on us the way they did. Since Feb 2021 we have been relentlessly attacked through slander, hate speech, harassment, lies in the press and falsely-triggered government backed corrupt investigations. Please learn from us! Don’t find yourself in a position where you’re being attacked from all sides, with few resources to your name and with no one else who’s prepared to stand by you in a time of adversity. Be part of the global groundswell community we are building. If you’re committed to truth, reality and repentance we have got your back! Find out more by visiting the David Vs Goliath website, just click the button below.