Brief Context To This Letter

The following letter was produced for the attention of the Insolvency Service CEO, Mr Dean Beale and the newly appointed Official Receiver, Mr Gareth Allen. This letter was sent on the back of months of correspondence on behalf of Lighthouse International Group LLP Directors Mr Chris Nash and Mr Paul and the Insolvency Service, as well as the High Court, regarding the Insolvency Service’s tyrannical avoidance of responsibility and disregard of the Director’s current state of ill health.

In this letter it is outlined in extremely categoric terms what the position of the Insolvency Service is and what is required for them to resolve what is a provably an extremely unjust situation resulting from their extraordinary incompetence, corruption or both. Much more information and context can be found to this letter throughout the rest of this website.

In this letter you will learn:

1. Why the Insolvency Service’s investigation & treatment of Lighthouse International Group is utterly corrupted, unjust & tyrannical.

2. Why the Lighthouse Directors will not act on anything more without proper legal counsel.

3. How the Insolvency Service have proven themselves absolutely untrustworthy and unscrupulous.

4. What Lighthouse is advising others who deal with the Insolvency Service as a result of our experiences.

5. Why it is the responsibility of the Insolvency Service to break this stalemate

6. Why the Lighthouse Directors will not compromise their health to kowtow to tyranny

7. Under what conditions Lighthouse Directors can and will agree t o move forward with this case.

Inviting Others To Share Their Experiences & Accounts Of Dealing With The Insolvency Service

The Directors of Lighthouse International Group LLP (now Lighthouse Global) are taking this stand not just to hold the Insolvency Service accountable for how they themselves have been so outrageously and unjustly treated, but for any and ALL Directors and companies who have suffered similar experiences to as well.

We are inviting anyone with stories and accounts of similar incompetence and/or corruption at the hands of this bureaucratically tyrannical and abusive agency to come forward and share that with us in order to hold them as publicly accountable as possible.   

If you have suffered unjustly at the hands of the UK Insolvency Service and Official Receivers and have information to share with us (anonymously if preferred) to help in this process, please read the below and submit your details at the end of this article.  



Mr Beale and Mr Allen,

I write in relation to the Directors of Lighthouse International Group LLP (henceforth referred to as Lighthouse), case reference as above in relation to recent attempts to contact said Directors and in relation to any Order For Public Examination. In regards to this, there are two points that need to be made very clear in relation to the Directors in advance:

Firstly: Mr Waugh and Mr Nash remain medically unfit for work and are currently undergoing treatment for the renewal of their sickness notes. Their medical practitioners will be updating you as to where they are with that treatment within the next couple of weeks, however, they remain very ill and otherwise indisposed in relation to the above matters and will be signed off for at least another 6-12 months.

Secondly: Once the Lighthouse Directors are eventually cleared and able enough to go back to work and respond to you, they will absolutely NOT respond to you on any matter by any means whatsoever unless that is through an experienced insolvency solicitor who is appointed to act for them and paid for by the Insolvency Service / Secretary of State. This demand is a very reasonable and non-negotiable one given our experiences and what is outlined in the remainder of this communication. 

The Insolvency Service’s Investigation & Treatment Of Lighthouse International Group Is Utterly Corrupted, Unjust & Tyrannical. 

The Insolvency Service continues to expect the Lighthouse Directors to be compliant with their demands and respond to their calls for a public examination on a corrupted and totally invalid basis. 

This is because the Insolvency Service (as said many times in many communications before) have acted on the basis of extensively provable LIES and deceit by the very people you are now effectively acting for (the complainants). These are the ‘complainants’ who falsely and fraudulently (provably and evidentially) triggered this process in the beginning by claiming to be shareholders and/or creditors when they are neither, they were and remain our ex-customers only. 

We know that you are very well aware of this fact by now, which is why you refuse to answer any of our questions in relation to verifying their claims. We expect you would have gone to these people by now and realised (if you didn’t know from the start) that none of these ‘complainants’ can offer you any evidence or proof whatsoever of ever being shareholders or creditors of Lighthouse International Group Holdings Trading LLP because their claims are an utter fabrication. All they ever paid for were legitimate products and services, which they received and where, in fact, Lighthouse went above and beyond what they paid for in return. The claimants (or false accusers) are now abusing this process by weaponising yourselves to try and extort unlawful refunds from us. Something they now know they cannot and will not succeed in doing. 

It is not for the Insolvency Service then, in this or any other case, to use up the resources of those who have been complained about (in this case Lighthouse), falsely or otherwise, for the purposes of establishing whether those people are in any way guilty or not of what they have been accused of. Such a process without any preliminary investigations and verification that there is a valid and justifiable case to launch an investigation, which is an incredibly stressful, arduous and costly one for anyone to go through on all levels; human, material and financial, is frankly tyrannical. That is especially the case where there is little more than allegations and hearsay at best to act on, as has been the case with Lighthouse. 

The fact you feel entitled to expect the Directors of Lighthouse, an innocent party, to pay at immense cost to themselves; including chronic damage to their health and wellbeing, their business and their families, just for the Insolvency Service to find out whether there was even a basis for a case against them in the first place is entirely unjust and you know it! The Insolvency Service have taken the belligerent view to act on the basis of guilty until proven innocent and I refer to Gary Seymore’s use of the term ‘victims’ in relation to the complainants in his witness statement (before this even went to the court) as just one example of this. The fact the Insolvency Service have decided to press ahead with what is a very provably corrupt investigation, despite being told from the beginning they were acting on lies and false information, means it is the Insolvency Service that must cover the costs of that, legally and otherwise, not us. 

To operate on the basis which the Insolvency Service have in this way is entirely draconian and tyrannical, something that more aptly belongs in a dictatorial despotic state like North Korea, Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany than the 21st Century supposedly democratic UK. 

The Lighthouse Directors Will Not Act On Anything More Without Proper Legal Counsel.

This is a completely reasonable demand. We at Lighthouse have thus far had to go through this process purely on our own, without legal representation, which we have witnessed is something the Insolvency Service has remorselessly taken full advantage of to our detriment. We have learned experientially therefore not to trust or deal with the Insolvency Service any further, whatsoever, without a highly qualified and experienced solicitor. 

The Directors have tried this process without counsel before and will not do so again as it has only worked against them and everyone else associated with Lighthouse. They will therefore ONLY agree to work through an experienced legal practitioner and counsel with the right level of expertise to fully and properly guide, advise and direct them through this process to protect their interests. Anything less would be putting themselves in a very vulnerable position as they have already done before in relation to yourselves and this farcical case and paid the price for. 

We have asked the Insolvency Service for help and support multiple times, saying we need counsel but that has consistently been ignored by you all. To illustrate the extent of that ignorance, of the 61 statements, questions and requests made by Lighthouse to the Insolvency Services as part of our complaint, only 5 questions were ever answered, of which 3 were inadequately answered, leaving 2 (or 3%) answered or responded to sufficiently of the original 61 statements and questions. This means that 56 (92%) of our statements and questions remain unanswered or ignored. In fact we documented all the statements, questions and requests in one document, which you received and still you lack compliance in answering these.  

It’s both unreasonable and impossible therefore for the Directors to be compliant with the Insolvency Service, to the level you demand, if their requests for guidance and support from you, as well as their perfectly valid questions, are consistently ignored at all stages of the process. If anyone has been non-compliant in line with what we need to know in order to be compliant, it has been yourselves at the insolvency service. Yet non-compliance was one of the main reasons we were accused of and the basis of which we were inappropriately wound up on! That is especially when, at the same time, the directors cannot comply accurately and properly because they lack the guidance and legal expertise necessary to do so. 

The Directors are not professionals in this matter and this is a complex and complicated area of law so an expert professional needs to be appointed for them and on hand to advise them how best to respond. This is necessary to ensure they can protect their interests and are not unjustly tripped up or entrapped by any further technicalities, as has been their experience so far with great cost, as stated previously. 

The Insolvency Service Have Proven Themselves Absolutely Untrustworthy and Unscrupulous.

As you can gather, given our experiences, we at Lighthouse do not trust the process. We cannot even trust the emails we receive from the Insolvency Service because, from everything we have seen so far and from what we have heard from others and read about other cases, the Insolvency Service is not only incompetent but full of trickery and skullduggery because of that incompetence. You are so full of tyranny and treachery we cannot and do not trust you.

In calling for public examinations therefore, knowing that we do not have legal counsel and that we cannot afford legal counsel, you are quite clearly trying to trip the Directors up. You have done this to them before and through our research we see you have also done this to many others. We’ve realised you are adept at using legal complexities and technicalities to achieve your ends unjustly, just as you did in the last two hearings for Lighthouse. 

At no point have you even offered, let alone provided Lighthouse with even just a BASIC guidance document. In fact, when it came to our first ever hearing, you barely made any effort to ensure you had notified us properly what was happening, such that we had to stumble upon the notice in the London Gazette. Our lack of resources and struggles maintaining the business through a malicious online smear campaign had meant that our postal service was not functioning and had we not seen the London Gazette, we would have been none the wiser. We did not even get an email until we chased things up with the Secretary of State’s solicitors, such is the level of skullduggery and/or incompetence. 

The fact is that the Insolvency Service have the means to produce and offer a basic guidance document for people like us and the fact that you don’t offer this and you don’t offer any kind of basic support to people, not even phone lines they can use for help or advice about the very basics of bringing paperwork together in the right manner, reveals your intentions are not to serve the public good and not to maintain justice. Yet your agents and solicitors, such as Mr Matthew Parfitt, will mock and deride us in court for the contents and presentation of our materials! That is disgraceful.

You are very aware how many people like those at Lighthouse need legal counsel and simply cannot afford it. You know they need professionals in insolvency (which is a highly specialised area of law) and you have no doubt seen many of them come to court completely ill prepared because they are without that and the resources they need, yet you do nothing to support them whatsoever. It is frankly a shocking and disgusting state of affairs and despicable way to run a public funded government agency with so much at stake for those under scrutiny and their families. 

It is not just Directors’s livelihoods and their businesses that they have likely staked whole life savings and/or mortgages on that are on the line here, but it’s the impact these cases can have on the physical, mental and emotional health of them and their families and their children that can be extremely devastating. Yet your eyes seem to light up when you see there is no solicitor or expert help on the other side because you see people as an easy hit, knowing they are sitting ducks (as we were) for you and the weight of resources the state affords you and those you act for. Resources taxpayers have paid for including ourselves by the way!  

This is how we have learned and learned well that you carry on with and carry out your tyranny. This is how you conduct your business and do your bad bidding for the state. You show no signs or fruits of legitimately acting for justice, this is about your targets and your political and business agendas and making it seem to the public on the surface that you are doing a public service, when the reality is anything but and we intend to uncover and expose that. You decided from the start, having taken the case on (incompetently or corruptly or both), that our case had to end in insolvency and that has been your only focus throughout, regardless of the facts, the truth and what is just. You have spent so much taxpayers’ money, which you now need to justify and account for, that you cannot afford for us to be innocent, which we are!

We have spoken to others, both legal professionals and others who have been through your tyrannical processes and learned that we are far from being a unique case. The same tricks, the same lack of responsibility, the same gross levels of incompetence, the same arrogance and skullduggery comes through again and again. Even the ones who have won against you because they know exactly who you are and what you are and we have been in discussions with others around this.  

One solicitor from the firm Kingsley Napley in fact has told us expressly that they make much of their money on the back of the Insolvency Service’s incompetence. They are making a living off of it and the fact that it is so well known amongst legal circles and yet there is no responsibility and no effort to reform on the part of the Insolvency Service is an absolute disgrace. 

You are setting people up to do your bad bidding and whatever your motive, whatever your reason for doing so, your methods are draconian to the extreme and we will not kowtow to it, we will reveal it. One example of note on this is the case with the charity Kids Company where the judge was especially scathing of your complacency, incompetence and legal manipulations and where the CEO, Camila Batmanghelidjh, died an early death, likely from the stress and damage that your case had on her. We know what that can do to a person, we have been there and the Directors are still recovering from it. 

We Will Be Advising Others As A Result of Our Experiences

Our advice now to ANYBODY who has to deal with the Insolvency Service, which we are putting out publicly on our website, is that they (as we ought to have done from the start) demand a solicitor from you at your cost! 

We are going to make sure that anyone you EVER write to again, when they search for advice about dealing with the Insolvency Service, will find what they need to know from us. They are going to learn they need to insist you pay for their legal counsel and what will likely happen to them if they do not do so and how you will treat them, as you have treated us, if they don’t. That includes the significant cost and damage to them, their family and their children as it has cost us. We need only look at the callous way you have ignored and dismissed the complaints regarding a young man at Lighthouse who tried to take his life due to the pressure and harassment of one of your agents, Gary Seymore (who repeatedly ignored our requests to cease and desist with regards to this young man given his state), which is enough to show the inhumanity within the Insolvency Service. 

Your abuse of the legal complexities involved in insolvency cases against people’s ignorance, naivety, lack of resources and vulnerability in these situations, the abuse of process that you have allowed to happen through the weaponisation of your agency, your tyranny and skullduggery cannot continue and must be dealt with and held to account publicly. 

If the public thought that the recent Post Office scandal was outrageous in scale and scope, they are going to be far more outraged and shocked to the core by the time all of the Insolvency Service’s victims come out to share their experiences and the human, material and financial cost to them of those. 

It Is The Responsibility Of The Insolvency Service To Break This Stalemate 

The simple fact is that we shouldn’t even be here in this position in the first place if the Insolvency Service had investigated the people who made the provably false, malicious and fraudulent claims against us in the first place. 

We have done all we can to be as reasonably compliant with you and your processes as we can on principle and given the Directors and many others in Lighthouse, myself included’s health. That has, in hindsight, been far more compliant than we even should have been without demanding a solicitor from you sooner. 

You are now very aware of where we stand on this and the fact that without legal counsel we cannot and will not proceed any further on anything whatsoever. If we are without resources and you have closed down / frozen all company bank accounts  how are we supposed to move forward? We cannot move forward! 

So we are at an impasse of the Insolvency Service’s making and that has been  incredibly expensive to the public purse, which you are now looking to justify through cornering, coercing and manipulating us into a legal corner on some other technicality or contempt of court. We will not fall for it. We will not pay for your incompetence, your apparent corruption or the costs of your tyranny and skullduggery. 

So, unless the Insolvency Service appoints and pays for a qualified, experienced and trustworthy legal counsel to ACT FOR the Directors, they cannot and will not enter into any further discussions, correspondence or dealings with the Insolvency Service whatsoever. That includes solicitors or other agents representing or acting FOR the Insolvency Service. 

The Directors do not have the health to read anything you have sent thus far, and even if they were well enough, they are unrepresented as laid out above. Therefore they will not be opening or reading any further correspondence, emails or otherwise, to do with this case until such terms are met and they have the health to do so.

Even shoplifters and people arrested for drunken brawls are offered legal counsel by the state and the same should be the case in this matter if the Government wishes to resolve this matter, which it must because although we are at a stalemate, we are not going to let this go until it is resolved justly, responsibly, with a full public apology and appropriate levels of compensation. 

The First Step Is A Return To Health

As stated already, at current estimates and provided there are no setbacks, it will be at least another 6 -12 months before the Directors are well enough again to deal with this any further. They have all gone through hell over this for many years now and that has understandably taken a very severe toll on their health, resulting in them being extremely unwell and largely incapacitated. Even their X (Twitter) posts are predominantly being written by others with access to their accounts at the moment.   

It is ONLY once the Directors are well enough again to take on this process, that they can begin to review any correspondence or documents from you, your solicitors or your agents. 

What Is Needed To Move Forwards

Once the Directors health has recovered, the Insolvency Service must agree to provide them with legal counsel, at the cost of the Insolvency Services and appoint one approved by the Directors. They will require confirmation and proof that this solicitor is legitimately appointed and paid for by the Insolvency Services. At the moment we receive all sorts of spam and false documents that come through pretending to be all sorts of people and agencies, generally sent to us from trolls so whoever acts for them MUST be properly authenticated and verified. 

This is the LAST correspondence we will be sending to you on any basis until you appoint an acceptable solicitor to act for the Directors and until Mr Nash and Mr Waugh are healthy enough to even deal with that solicitor. During this time it is paramount that you do not inhumanely contact the Directors any further while they are undergoing their recovery. If you do that will be reported to the necessary authorities, including the court and documented on our website, as we have and will be doing given you have tried to contact them repeatedly while they are signed off. Nothing will be acted on or move forward any further from here until these very reasonable demands are met. 


Kris Deichler – Lighthouse Global

On behalf of Directors Mr Chris Nash and Mr Paul Waugh, Lighthouse International Group

Have You Suffered At The Hands of The Insolvency Service or From Government Persecution?


The Insolvency Service needs to be held accountable for how they treat the public, especially those who are vulnerable to false accusations and lack the necessary resources to defend themselves against those of the state. They cannot be allowed to continue getting away with abusing their power and processes to bully and destroy the lives of vulnerable business owners and their families through a lack of proper personal and collective scrutiny and accountability.

We are calling on all those in the silent majority to make their voices heard and to speak up with us to fight this governmental ‘Goliath’ through the David vs Goliath initiative.

How the Insolvency Service have treated Lighthouse International Group LLP cannot be allowed to be repeated with other individuals and/or businesses. We must stand together to use our collective voices in not allowing them to get away with their tyranny, bullying incompetence and if applicable, corruption.

Join the Groundswell community of people who are standing up to this tyranny and if you have suffered similar experiences yourself, please get in touch below.

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