The Case of Anthony Church

a sad history of paranoia and toxic influences

Provable Background Facts

  • Worked as a volunteer on Lighthouse web development and was mentored for 4 years.
  • Was provided daily coaching and mentoring over 2-3 years at a heavily subsidised rate.
  • Portrayed as a vulnerable person who was preyed on by Lighthouse for money by the Daily Mail & BBC
  • Suffered severe mental health issues and paranoia that led to his attacks on Lighthouse
  • Can be proven to have falsely alleged he was manipulated by his mentor to come off medication.
  • Harassed other Lighthouse clients who became highly concerned and fearful of him.

Anthony is invited to join us and defend his claims on...

Started Mentoring with Lighthouse International: Jan 2018.

Left Lighthouse International: Oct 2021.

Destructive Actions

  • Submitted a fabricated report to the Insolvency Service with a twisted version of events that mis-represented his experience at Lighthouse International Group as a trusted volunteer, mentee and client.
  • Harassed and spread false rumours and intimidated fellow members of a workshop group of other Lighthouse clients
  • Gave false accounts and misinformation to the Daily Mail in a sensationalised ‘hit-piece’ article against Lighthouse and CEO Paul Waugh.
  • Played a part in the BBC’s docu-mythry, ‘A Very British Cult’, in which he publicly lied about his mentor, Jai Singh. 

Lies presented as evidence to the Insolvency Service

  • Claims that Lighthouse operates such that its underlying purpose is to constantly push for investments or donations by clients into programs or projects that do not materialise.
  • Has falsely accused Jai Singh of lies, manipulation and empty threats.

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Key Pieces Of Evidence

recordings and communications expressing the benefits of his mentoring

ONline testimony of his experiences expressing views contrary to those now expressed

Concerned Texts from other clients on his irrational behaviour / harassment

“I came through as a web volunteer 3-4 years ago. At that time I was struggling a lot with depression and anxiety and had been for quite a while and struggling to find meaning in my life. Then having the support from Jai, after meeting, I’ve gradually, over time, I’ve become more and more confident so I can do these calls and do various things and value myself more and appreciate the meaning behind things“.

Anthony Church

From a recorded session of a group online workshop, July 2021

Anthony’s relationship with Lighthouse

In both the Daily Mail article and the BBC documentary Anthony Church is portrayed as a vulnerable person who was preyed on by Jai Singh and Lighthouse for money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anthony Church WAS a vulnerable person, he was struggling to get a job and found Lighthouse. Jai Singh mentored and supported him for 4 years even finding an opportunity for Anthony Church to work and earn income in supporting Lighthouse and online activities after Mr Church was fired from a teaching assistant job in a school.

The facts are that his mentor, Mr Singh paid Mr Church out of his own pocket financially, even though Mr Church was not yet at the level he needed to be in order to support him and enable his growth. Mr Singh provided daily coaching and mentoring calls for Mr Church over 2-3 years at a heavily subsidised rate and Mr Church stated that his own goal was to come off medication, which we have in writing, not the other way around as has since been portrayed falsely in the media. Jai simply supported Anthony with working towards his goal, while recommending he see a doctor (and there is evidence to prove this). Mr Church had severe mental health issues and MrSingh did everything he could within his power to support him.

Despite this, ultimately when Mr Church found the predatory trolling and smear campaign against Lighthouse on Reddit in October 2021, they triggered his deep fears and anxieties, ultimately leading to him choosing to believe the malicious lies posted there instead. He then, very sadly, began harassing other clients of Lighthouse he had worked with who became extremely fearful of his erratic behaviours and asked Lighthouse to help protect them form him. Because of this Mr Singh and Mr Chris Nash wrote and warned him that he would be reported to our legal team and the police for his harassment.

In the end Mr Church wasn’t reported to the police though because Mr Singh believed the warning was sufficient enough. Mr Singh has never stated that Lighthouse is a cure for depression to Mr Church, but having a healthy community supporting him and helping him with his growth and development using practices like meditation were used to help benefit Mr Church’s mental health, as he has stated in his own words.

The Truth & Evidence We Will Demonstrate

  • Anthony Church came to Lighthouse International Group having already attempted suicide and received incredible amounts of pro-bono support that helped him to find the meaning and purpose to turn his life around.

  • Anthony Church posed a genuine threat to the health, wellbeing and physical safety of other Lighthouse clients because of them sharing experiences of abuse in group sessions with Mr Church.

  • Mr Church’s mentor, Jai Singh, needed to act firmly in a way to stop Anthony Church’s destructive behaviour and protect at least one other vulnerable client who had complained about him. 

  • Lighthouse has published very little in response to Anthony Church’s attempts to defame and sabotage our work because of his fragile mental and emotional health. However, this care and compassion has been seen as weakness by Mr Church and led to him feeling entitled to spread malicious falsehoods with the Insolvency Service, the Daily Mail and the BBC.

  • Mr Church held a very positive view of his mentorship and Lighthouse as a whole until he became negatively influenced by those trolling Lighthouse on Reddit who played into his susceptibility to paranoia.
  • Mr Church lost his job at a school in January 2020 after a panic attack but was supported by his mentor and Lighthouse to gain some financial remuneration for web development during this time, this brought Mr Church £416.


  • Mr Church who suffered from paranoid episodes and extreme social anxiety, grew more confident from the support he received.

The above text was sent by another Lighthouse mentee and member of the same group as Mr Church, to their mentor, expressing their concern for his harassment and irrationality after he turned on Lighthouse. 

The below image is a screenshot from the online platform, Quora, where Mr Church had written a very positive review of his mentorship and experiences with Lighthouse before he became negatively influenced by online predatory trolls.

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