Mrs Karen Baldock (pictured above, bottom left) is a Senior Examiner and Deputy Official Receiver at the UK Insolvency Service. After months of exasperating dealings with both her and her equally obtuse, cowardly and incompetent department we have found it only right and fitting (given nothing else seems to get through to them) to start holding both her, her superiors Michael Bint and Dean Beale and fellow colleague Gary Seymour publicly accountable. 

We find it our duty to expose these individuals for the sheer and astounding levels of gross incompetence, arrogance and tyrannical conduct we have experienced from them and their department that needs to be stood up to, on behalf of the public. We know there are many more members of the public out there who will resonate with and relate to our experiences here, whatever the institution they’ve had the misfortune to find it in. We call on you all to take a firm stand with us for reform and change! Support our content,  keep up to date with our progress and JOIN OUR GROUNDSWELL global community against tyranny and injustice! 

In the Public Interest!

It is very much in the Public Interest that the likes of Mrs Baldock, Dean Beale, Michael Bint and Gary Seymour are held to account publicly like this, by exposing and informing the public about their incompetence, haughty arrogance and serious lack of reason and logic that has been consistently demonstrated throughout their dealings with us. We note how it is often the case that those who seem to revel in the embarrassment and public demise of others, whose identities may be very public through the press and online coverage, will ensure their own identities and pictures are hidden from public view, as is the case with Mr Bint and Mr Seymour.

Such is the vast degree of incompetence that we have needed to create a whole series here to explain it all and provide the reality to what actually has happened between Lighthouse and the Insolvency Services. 

We are inviting the public to read through the communications we have shared and join us in building a groundswell of those with small businesses who are sick and tired of being bullied by government institutions, like the Insolvency Service & HMRC.

Some Background

Over the last 3 years Lighthouse and its Business Associates have been relentlessly attacked through a smear campaign of predatory trolling. This has been lead by ex-Lighthouse Associate Elects who tried to leverage us into giving them a refund they are not legally entitled to. Out of bitter resentment they maliciously proceeded to try and publicly destroy us, both as individuals and Lighthouse as an organisation, by criminally triggering government agencies and by providing provably false testimony that they are investors and creditors (when they are merely clients) to the police, thereby perverting the course of justice (a crime punishable by a severe custodial sentence).

These ex-Associates were joined by certain family members of existing Lighthouse Associates who, through these attacks on us, have attempted to cover up their abuse (including, in some cases, sexual abuse) of their (now adult) children who are trying to heal at Lighthouse. These two groups have unlawfully, illegally and deceptively weaponised Government systems and resources against us, costing us tens of thousands of hours in time and wasting millions of pounds of your tax payer money.

Below are 6 of the 11 individuals (identified from statements given to and published by the Insolvency Service) known to be directly responsible for falsely and maliciously triggering the Secretary of State’s ‘investigation’. This was done through their submitting provably false and deliberately misleading malicious testimonies about Lighthouse to the Police and Action Fraud. The irony being that these individuals, who have perverted the course of justice through their actions (an offence punishable by custodial sentence) have defrauded an organisation (Action Fraud) that was itself set up to combat fraud. Such is the openness of deeply flawed institutional systems and processes to deceitful abuse by vindictive and conspiring people, protagonists of our current cancel-culture, which we are now bringing to light for the public.

Left: Jeffrey Jones, Sailing Instructor (Ex Lighthouse Associate Elect), Centre: Joanne Holmes, Teacher at Chipping Hill Primary School (Ex Lighthouse Associate Elect), Right: Anthony Church, Freelance Web Developer (Ex Lighthouse client)

Left: Rachel Jones (Ex Lighthouse Associate Elect), Centre: Tania Cruise, Partner at Hempsons LLP (Family Member), Right: Dagmar Spaeth, Wine Maker (Family Member)

In addition to the above, the following three people are well known fellow collaborators in the anti-Lighthouse smear campaign and who are known to have actively and falsely attacked Lighthouse numerous times. Although not cited directly by the Insolvency Service for their involvement, it is highly suspected that they were also involved in submitting information / testimonies to the Insolvency Service’s Investigator, Mr Gary Seymour. 

Left: Richard Thomas, Principal Client Success Manager at Monetate (Ex Lighthouse Associate Elect), Centre: Rani Singh, BBC Reporter (Family Member), Right: Jon Breen, Web Developer (Predatory Troll)


We will not co-operate with this maliciously triggered so-called investigation by the Insolvency Service for a number of very good reasons, as you will see in Paul Waugh’s email below.


Why was this corrupt so-called investigation falsely triggered?

When we say falsely triggered we are saying they claimed they were creditors and investors in Lighthouse. In reality their investment was in programs to develop themselves, not in Lighthouse as an entity. Their abuse of the term investment in relation to Lighthouse is provably false through hundreds of recordings and messages from the complainants. When the term investment is used at Lighthouse it is in relation to a client’s investment in themselves not in Lighthouse itself.

They do not have any documentation that they are investors in Lighthouse the entity, there is no written or verbal acknowledgement of that, no share certificate, NOTHING!! This is because it is completely false! We can prove this and these malicious false accusers know this and their dread is that this will all now come out and they will be held accountable for lying to the police and perverting the course of justice!

Two of these predatory trolls Rani Singh and Tania Cruise have found themselves in court recently and have hidden behind a screen like the cowards that they are. Trying to hide anonymously on Reddit and now hiding in court. The reality is that they have a lot to hide, and it’s not just their face, it is the criminality of what they have done by lying to the police and the severe consequences of that.


We welcome your feedback in the comments below:


1. Email From Paul Waugh:

Att: Karen Baldock


In my previous correspondence to you I detailed that we would be appealing to the public for their support because of your failings in regard to your duty of care to us at Lighthouse, a tiny community and SMALL PRE START UP!!! The MPs who are now communicating with the Secretary of State on our behalf are amazed that you are inappropriately investigating us and spending the taxpayers’ resources as SHAMBOLICALLY as you are. They were and are in disbelief. The below is directly from one of one of the MPs (This particular session was recorded with his permission)

“What was the grounds for the Secretary of State getting involved? Because the Secretary of State would not normally get involved in small business at all? They might get involved for shareholders, collapses, whatever or something but for small businesses, they never.”

We will be bringing the same extra lessons to Gary Seymour for his numerous failings, and we will be sharing all your correspondence with the public.

Issues that we passed onto the MPs (that you have blatantly ignored) were ..

1. These proceedings starting with the Secretary of State were based on provable lies and deceptions from Reddit predatory trolls looking for a refund. This whole farce ought to be void just based on that. An investigation into this will be started soon. So start protecting that weak position Karen.


We DO NOT HAVE ANY CREDITORS! WE HAVE CUSTOMERS as part of our pre-startup research. We can prove this on tape that they all knew this.

Customers who have falsely triggered you foolish people and your agency via the very foolish Secretary of State. Now Karen is one of your lessons.. if you go to a restaurant for a meal or pay for your child’s wedding reception does that make you that hotel’s creditor???! NO!! You can’t be this stupid surely? This is pure tyranny and corruption. It surely can’t just be a pure lack of intelligence, logical coherency and reason! SURELY! For the love of God!!

2. That we do NOT have the resources to respond time, money, effort and health. WE ARE A SMALL PRE-START UP! You can’t draw blood from a stone.

3. We do not have the legal expertise and counsel and nor does this wound up incorporation have any financial resources to pay for it. WE ARE A SMALL FRATERNITY!! The reason we are in this position (wound up) is that we did not have the resources to respond to this falsely triggered investigation in the first place, nor the resources to be represented by legal counsel in court. Because of this we were doomed right from the start of this hearing. This is tyrannical indeed and we will show this.

We have decided to go to the public for their support. Our straw poll has shown that the public are willing to pass this on. They too are shocked at your bullying! Word of mouth is powerful! We are using it to the full extent. You will be judged with a full and fair disclosure of the facts by public opinion in the millions. Karen you are about to be infamous.

Additionally we are producing a series for the public called the David v Goliath series. We will be taking (with hardly any resources) the media to task publicly. We have decided to include yourselves and the Secretary of State in our whistle-blowing initiative. The public are growing in their fascination. They are sick of you tyrants holding government positions paid by them. You have stupidly gone too far this time.

We will be doing a series on you and yourselves (Insolvency Service) entitled.. Extra Lessons For Karen Baldock.

We will be detailing your failings right from when we met you in the courtroom to this point in the proceedings. There are many. WE WILL BE DETAILING YOUR CHRONIC FAILINGS AND THE FAILINGS OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE TO THE GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC!!

We will start to share these lessons from today. I will copy you in on email.

We will be passing this correspondence and all correspondence to Dean Beale. He needs to be in the know with what’s coming to you all.

Paul Waugh
Lighthouse (how it is about to shine)


2. Email to Paul Waugh from Michael Bint, Official Receiver, Public Interest Unit:

Dear Mr Waugh,

The below email has been brought to my attention. I am the Official Receiver acting as court appointed liquidator of Lighthouse International Group Holdings Trading LLP.

Mrs Baldock is an employee of the Insolvency Service within the Public Interest Unit which I head. All employees perform their duties in my name and I am ultimately responsible to the court as an officer of the court.

While I understand that you disagree with the fact that the company was wound up, you have taken no action to appeal or rescind the order. I understand that dealing with the liquidation process can be stressful, however that does not mean that it is acceptable to single out an Insolvency Service employee undertaking a duty that is expected of them.

I ask that you take down the blog post regarding Karen with immediate effect and I reserve my right to take any legal action appropriate over this.

I provide here a link to the Insolvency Service unreasonable behavior policy which sets out the level of behavior expected in dealing with the Insolvency Service.

I will send you a more substantive email in due course setting out my role and duties as Official Receiver which I am legally obliged to undertake on all liquidations over which I am appointed as well as further information about the liquidation process.

Please can you direct all future correspondence to the inbox and cease communicating directly with Mrs Baldock. For the avoidance of doubt I ask this action because of your behavior in publishing a blog post about an Insolvency Service employee who is undertaking a duty that I ask all my examiner staff to undertake on all liquidation cases.

Kind Regards

Michael Bint

Michael Bint | Official Receiver | Public Interest Unit

3. Email From Paul Waugh to Michael Bint 20.10.23:

Mr Bint,

I am glad that this email has been brought to your attention. Unfortunately having read yours, there is absolutely no difference here in terms of intelligence and due diligence.

What are you liquidating Mr Bint? There is nothing to liquidate! You cannot liquidate something that isn’t liquidateable. Gary Seymor received all the accounts. There is nothing here to liquidate, no property, no financial or material assets. How can you be the official liquidator for so called creditors and so called investors, that are provably not creditors or investors. We will not end this conversation until you respond. Again and again and again we come back to you and again and again and again you have ignored this.

It is all very well saying that Mrs Baldock is carrying out her duty, but she is not carrying out her duty! She is carrying out absolute incompetence. Duty cannot be incompetent and still call it duty. That is not duty and you know it and that is why you have taken 4 days to come back.

Seeing you are the head I will be putting you and Mr Beale and Mrs Baldock in our work in terms of the public interest and letting the public know what is happening here. If you send me another person they will go up.

It is not the fact that I disagree that the company has been wound up. I recommended that they wind it up because I realised that we had no way of winning it, it was corrupt. I recommended it. Look at the records and get the facts right before you write to me or you will just get embarrassed and have more egg on your face. Please speak carefully, think carefully, write carefully, do your research carefully.

At the end of the day in terms of this being wound up it is very simple. These people lied that they were creditors, they lied to Action Fraud. Action Fraud said there is no fraud so passed it onto the Secretary of State in relation to perhaps improper conduct or whatever it may be. From there it went to the Insolvency Service and from there it went to the court. From there it went back to the Insolvency Service and now Baldock has been acting on it. Not one of you have checked and if you have you are hiding it that these people are indeed creditors (which they are provably not!). You cannot liquidate us in order to protect your position and to protect the creditors (as stated by Mrs Baldock) when there aren’t creditors and you have no position, and you have no position because you are acting on falsehoods.

I will not be taking down this blog post. I will be adding to it under the David vs Goliath Series Extra Lessons for Karen Baldock. PLEASE TAKE US TO COURT. We do not have the power to take you. We do not have the income or resources, but you do, so you take us because then this is all going to come out. You will be forced to investigate these liars. You will be forced to investigate these frauds. You will be forced to investigate these people who lied to Action Fraud, who passed on the lie to the Secretary of State and then this abomination.

I realise now that it must be very hard and stressful for you all to realise that you have been acting on lies and that you didn’t do your job and you didn’t check. I realise that it must be very stressful for you to think that heads could roll over this. It must be very very hard for you, just like you understand my situation.. seemingly (NOT!)

Why are you only sending your role and about your role now. Why is that so important now? Why do you send this absolute incompetent Karen Baldock on us and all of a sudden now you are sending us emails about roles and standards. Why was that not sent before? Why do I need an email from you now? Even then you have totally ignored the contents of my email citing that we are doing this because we are unhappy about being wound up. We are not unhappy about being wound up we are unhappy about the reasons for being wound up. It is a lie, it a farce, the whole thing is void and you are trying to ignore it because you know that heads will roll. People like Dean Beale know that. People like Tim Davie, as Director General of the BBC, know this. Eventually when the truth comes out in relation to the BBC his head will roll too.

I have told you that we have MPs on this that are speaking to the Secretary of State. Maybe they will have to hide it as well when they find out just how bad it is and how bad it is for the government, and how bad it is for that MP and not just the Secretary of State. Heads will roll for way less than this. We will not let this go. Anything that goes to court will be way better for us because perhaps then you will do the relevant discovery and investigation work in relation to people that are making provably false claims about us before you attack us. It has landed on your desk, it is now your problem, let’s take it from here!

In terms of directing all future correspondence to the stated email address rather than communicating with Mrs Baldock I totally expected this. You people are cowards and you hide behind these faceless institutions. At the end of the day you want this to happen because you don’t believe that she can continue this without causing more egg for you on your collective faces.

The bottom line is that the Prime Minister acting out his duties as Prime Minister (not little Mrs Baldock from the Insolvency Services) is continually challenged in the press, continually challenged on blogs, continually challenged in public when he gets it wrong. Even when he gets it’s right, but it is perceived to be wrong, they challenge him publicly. The government doesn’t have a department going to all these people telling them to take it down, so what makes you so special?

What are you the Kremlin or Insolvency Service?!

Please stop talking nonsense because you are speaking as much nonsense as Baldock. I now understand why she is in your employ. You are the head? The fish rots from the head down sir.

You never ever ever ask for evidence of our claims, you just blatantly and arrogantly ignore them. Shame on you all. It’s sickening. Answer and act on our claims. This is not going away! It’s only going to become worse for you and the Secretary of State as well as the lies you are covering up starting with your so called (but false) creditors. Start thinking and acting appropriately. It’s not only yourselves we are taking to task over these criminal lies (that come with serious custodial consequence) but the Secretary of State, Action Fraud and the chronically unlawful so called creditors who instead of finally coming clean and investigating them are according to Baldock “protecting their position” Good God man!! The fish rots from the head down. You are as responsible as any one else there for these atrocious and pig ignorant failings.

There are a whole host of points that I made in the last email and so many points and requests in other emails to Mrs Baldock and in particular in the complaint we made. Yet you continue to  blatantly ignore them. It is telling as it is damning. Instead of making thinly veiled threats why don’t you do your job as a public servant, paid for by the public and respond to the key points and requests I and we have made.


Paul Waugh


4. Follow up email From Paul Waugh to Michael Bint 20.10.23:

Mr Bint,

Additionally we are sending all of this out to the press this weekend GLOBALLY! (You were worried about our Baldock write up going on our website? This is the least of your worries). This includes all big bloggers and broadcasters, YouTubers etc! I will also be contacting the Prime Minister directly along with the Secretary of State (copied in).

You had a whole working week to offer something productive and reasonable. Instead what did you do Mr Bint sir. What did you the big leader do? Well, you offered thinly veiled threats made along with self entitled requests for yourself, your institution and Baldock AND THEN OFFERED NOTHING IN RETURN. Phew! There needs to be a big ol clean out there. I believe this will happen across the board from top to bottom. I’m no prophet but it’s pretty obvious is it not???! Mmmm or maybe not so obvious to your insular selves. You have lost so much of your humanity there at your institution that you can no longer see anything outside your own heads and intentions. Insane, if not demonic!

Do you remember the Hillsborough tragedy? How the police lied and lied for 35 years and eventually it all came out?! This is no different, we will never surrender.

Paul Waugh


5. Further follow up email From Paul Waugh to Michael Bint, 21.10.23:

Mr Bint,

Further to my earlier correspondence, it has become abundantly obvious from Baldock’s avoidance of our repeated and very relevant questions and requests that yourself, Baldock and Seymour are conducting a cover up of immense proportions. A sinister bureaucratic cover up that we at Lighthouse are about to reveal to the world from the Prime Minister outwards. We have all the hard evidence. You will regret this for the rest of your lives.

You are covering up the obvious failings of Action Fraud who were remiss in their fact checking obligations relating to Lighthouse customers claiming falsely, in a statement to Action Fraud, that they are Lighthouse investors and share holders, aka Lighthouse creditors, as Baldock puts it (They are not creditors they were provably and evidentially customers of our Associate Elect Program who, when denied a refund, decided to falsely trigger an investigation). A false claim that was passed on by Action Fraud to the Secretary of State. A move that our ex customers and ex associate elects were really not anticipating.

The secretary of state also failed to check whether our ex customers were in fact investors and creditors. A massive failure indeed. These falsehoods were then passed by the Secretary of State to the Insolvency Service. The Insolvency Service elected one Gary Seymour to inappropriately investigate Lighthouse. Gary Seymour also failed to fact check whether our ex customers were in fact creditors of Lighthouse. They are not. This then went to court where Mathew Parfitt, acting for the Secretary of State, failed to fact check. We told the judge of this failing. She too failed to fact check before proceeding to wind up an already defunct Lighthouse incorporation. We, Lighthouse, had left the country and set up elsewhere. This incorporation was wound up on a technicality that had nothing to do with being in the public interest. I simply refused to cooperate with the falsely trigged investigation. The incorporation was wound up on this technicality. The BBC and Catrin Nye lied about this in the documentary, ‘A very British Cult’ (Another lie ..we are all South African and most of our clients are not British either). We are exposing all her lies in our pay per view David and Goliath Showdown series and Podcasts.

The only customer and associate elect who passed funds to me (Jeffrey Leigh-Jones) to invest on his behalf (it would have been a first) in a new venture, which was Lighthouse Publishing, asked me to not invest it in research but rather use the funds to mentor and coach him. I agreed, so no such research based investment was made.

Mr Bint sir, you and Baldock and Seymour are covering up the failings of all these remiss people and their agencies and departments and you know it. So do they.

We will be whistle blowing to the Global press, broadcasters and people in prominent positions including the Prime Minister. Press releases are already being drafted. You will either act on this and come clean and or investigate, or you will be forced to. The game is up. The Game is also up for our ex clients (and predatory trolls) and the media. The time has come for consequences for this awful tyranny that has devastated our lives over several years now. We will not rest until this massive criminal injustice is dealt with and consequenced by law.

Paul Waugh


6. New email From Paul Waugh to Michael Bint, 23.10.23:

Att: Mr Michael Bint

There are a thousand hacking at the leaves of evil to one who is striking at the root.’” – Henry David Thoreau

One of these men Mr Bint, is me! You are now discovering this with great in depth rootedness indeed. You are all about to learn, despite the Reddites (Reddit Predatory Trolls – who are a minority of ex Lighthouse Associate Elects, families and friends) mocking what level 4 means. You will learn this in practise, publicly and openly despite your cynical and tyrannous attempts to censor me and us, through your attempted cover up and your threat to us of legal action.

Mr Bint,

I have decided to outline for you (seeing that you are now acting all ignorant of what’s been going on between yourselves at the Insolvency Service and us at Lighthouse, thereby attempting to cover up your and your colleagues’ sinister actions and that very cover up. This will ultimately fail and perhaps incriminate you in the end.) what you have been blatantly ignoring in relation to us and our requests, concerns and stated position.

If you should choose to go down the legal route (I truly hope you do for our own opportunity to provide solid evidence that will be looked at, for once, publicly. Evidence that you have ignorantly not asked for or been even willing to receive, let alone respond to, i.e. that our ex-associate elects were customers not creditors, thereby falsely and criminally presenting and perverting the course of justice to the Department of the Secretary of State) please let the solicitor concerned know of your chronic failings against the people of Lighthouse over the last 18 months. Starting with Action Fraud, then the department of the Secretary of State, then the Insolvency Service’s Gary Seymour, then Karen Baldock, then yourself, Michael Bint. A crescendo of roles and personas and an abomination of characterless incompetence and concealment, in order to dishonestly protect and cover up the wrongdoing and incompetence of a long line of governmental and bureaucratic backsides.

Mr Bint you and your colleagues in these government agencies have contemptuously and pig ignorantly ignored our pleas and requests for help and direction for 18 months now, starting with Gary Seymour, causing several people here at Lighthouse to attempt suicide. Again, knowing this and backed up by an NHS doctor, you again ignored this. Not just incompetent but inhuman and cruel. The cult of Government agency?

After 18 long months of fruitless and failed attempts we have decided to go to and for the support of the British and global public (it’s very much in their interests too.. the public interest no less.) To inform them of this and these chronic injustices of yourself and your subordinates and appeal for such public support. How ironic that your department exists, supposedly in the public interest, but certainly not in our case (apparently, according to you and your sanctimonious and Machiavellian selves). Evidentially your emerging and seemingly dark triadic traits have led you down this dark, sinister and twisted road to lead yourselves and your subordinates to this position. We have been at your cold inhumane, merciless and ruthless hands for 18 long months and now this and yourselves must be brought out by Lighthouse into the light, in order to face your immense and ongoing wrongdoing to the level of potential criminality. The great British public will hereby put forward that very opinion and hold you all accountable to your growing perceived crimes against us and humanity.

Remember the Nazis under Hitler were “also just civil servants (supposedly) just doing their duty”, like you, just following orders. Right? You starting to get the trend Mr Bint. The evil trend? Your collective game is up. This will continue relentlessly (given our bill of health and limited resources) to bring you all (including the so called Lighthouse creditors and Reddit predatory trolls and ex Lighthouse associate elects and family members) to justice.

We have been working all weekend and will be so doing the rest of today to compile the evidence of your misdemeanours and incompetence, along with your attempts to ignore and cover up the reality and truth of this horror. We will not cease.

You ask us for information in line with your falsely triggered investigation by Lighthouse ex associate elects? What? Are you kidding? You are not to be trusted by anyone. Let alone myself and our tiny fraternity and pre start up business, who are suffering enormously at your hands. You who are relentlessly trying to murder our lives and livelihood and reputations, along with your cohorts and with a tiny number our ex Associate elects. Holding you accountable for relentlessly, unfairly and unjustly trying to destroy us is TOTALY IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST and very much of interest to the public.

We will have this document prepared over the next several days and it will be sent to:

– Yourselves (the Insolvency Service)
– The Secretary of State
– Members of parliament who are now speaking for us after hearing our case to the Secretary of State.
– All other Members of Parliament
– Prime Minister Rishi Sunak
– British public
– Global public
– All media and broadcasters both in the UK and abroad
– The Judges in both hearings (who ruled against us on a mere technicality, on the basis that we did not comply with the investigation because our pre start up and tiny fraternity did not have the resources to comply properly, if at all. NOT BECAUSE WE ARE A dangerous CULT or that we have done anything particularly wrong or criminal for that matter.)

Massive broad and in depth reform needs to happen there. I believe heads will roll forthwith and will be brought to justice with full and decisive consequences across the board, not only with the Insolvency Service but The Department of the Secretary of State, the judges in our case (who’s forced this through efficiently but grossly ineffectively and at our expense, stating low resources in time, money and effort), the BBC and director general Tim Davie and a whole host of legacy media.

I am, just like Martin Luther who listed the church’s wrongdoings and nailed it to the church door, doing the same to the governmental one. We will not be bowed.

Please await our report.

Paul Waugh