Brief Context To This Letter

Following our previous letter that was sent to the Insolvency Service CEO, Mr Dean Beale and the (then) newly appointed Official Receiver, Mr Gareth Allen, at the end of May 2024, the UK Insolvency  Service have continued to prove their stubborn single-minded tyranny. As a result, we at Lighthouse Global have needed to write to them again to remind them of this fact, rebuke their actions and hold them accountable. 

Our previous letter (sent in May 2024) outlined, in extremely categoric terms, what is required for the Insolvency Service to resolve, what is a provably, an extremely unjust situation with Lighthouse that has resulted from their extraordinary incompetence, corruption or both.  

Inviting Others To Share Their Experiences & Accounts Of Dealing With The Insolvency Service

The Directors of Lighthouse International Group LLP (now Lighthouse Global) are standing up to the Insolvency Service to hold them accountable for their outrageous and unjust treatment, which we have learned is something many others have experienced also.

We therefore invite anyone with stories and accounts of similar incompetence and/or corruption at the hands of this bureaucratically tyrannical and abusive agency to come forward and share that with us, in order to hold them as publicly accountable as possible.

You can submit your details at the end of this article to do so.  

Rebuking Continued Insolvency Service Harassment


To Mr Beale and Mr Allen

As I monitor the email address of Mr Cooper, as well as Mr Waugh and Mr Nash, I see that there has been more recent communications from you that seem to have only been sent to Mr Cooper. Why is this? 

In my letter to you of 24th May I made it expressly clear that none of your communications would be opened or read until AFTER the Directors are medically well enough to do so. Yet your unethical, immoral and inhumane harassment of them continues as you insist on belligerently pursuing your process which we have already proven is corrupt. 

It is corrupt on the extensively provable basis that you have acted and sought to persecute innocent people without any lawful or just foundation whatsoever. You have acted on unproven hearsay and unverifiable information and claims that you have failed to scrutinise and so you are now desperately trying to manipulate a way out from being revealed for weaponising public resources at the whims of provable and malicious liars and deceivers. How dare you! 

You have had more than enough time in the last 18 months to have worked with us towards a reasonable and much less embarrassing solution for your department and that of the Secretary of State, where the Directors have been beyond reasonably compliant with you throughout, given your wrongdoing. However, your unrepentant corruption and single minded tyrannical bureaucracy has destroyed the opportunity for finding a solution this way and I have made it very clear to you where things stand because of this on the Directors’ behalf. 

Until you fully investigate your complainants, who are not creditors and not investors and provide the necessary resources  for all Directors, in particular the necessary resources for proper, specialist legal representation to attend any hearings – following the suitable recovery of their health – this matter is at a stalemate of your own making and will NOT proceed. So it makes no difference however many obtuse communications you choose to send in the blatant attempt to utterly disregard the truth and your responsibility to it. 

The list of complainants who need to be investigated are:

Client 1: Jeffrey Leigh-Jones – Ex-Client

Client 2: Rachel Jones – Ex-Client

Client 3: Joanne Holmes – Ex-Client

Client 4: Anthony Church – Ex-Client

Client 6: Tania Francis-Cruise & Dagmar Spaeth – Family Members 

None of these names listed are in any way or form investors or creditors. 

You are fully aware and I will say it again, that all the remaining Directors of Lighthouse International Group are on and remain on extended sick leave from work, having been signed off by their medical practitioners whilst undergoing regular assessments for long-term dispensations. I will therefore AGAIN reiterate my email of 24th May, that all the Directors are suffering from long term health issues, largely caused by you and your department’s heinous actions and the huge negative impact that has had on them and their mental, emotional and physical health. It’s because of this that their condition is not expected to significantly improve for at least the next 6 – 12 months, so they cannot and will not be attending any hearings in that time. 

I attach here again all recent copies for your attention of their medical ‘unfit for work’ notes and remind you that these are in the process of being significantly extended following in-depth analyses they are each undergoing. I will update you with further copies as and when I have them, as I have been doing thus far. 

Not only do you continue to embarrass yourselves and make your incompetence abundantly and publicly clear (as we will publish everything we receive from and send to you that we feel the public needs to be made aware of), but you have disgraced and embarrassed the Secretary of State’s office through that also. It is because of your corruption and your gross levels of incompetence as the department dealing with this situation at the coalface that this debacle is casting a large and very ugly a stain on that office as it is, as well as your own. 

In closing, do not contact either myself or the Directors of Lighthouse International Group again as they will neither be read, acknowledged or responded to. As and when necessary, I will update you in regard to the ongoing state of health of the Directors. 

I can assure you that none of the Directors have any intentions of letting this matter go, or dropping it because of the delays due to their health. We have every intention of ensuring that justice is done here and that you and your departments are held fully, rightly and publicly accountable. 

No doubt, you will have seen the video documentary we have done on the BBC and we are currently in the process of doing the same for the government and the Insolvency Service, the trailer for which we have already made and is linked to below, along with that of our docuseries Introduction on the BBC. 

It is necessary for us as citizen journalists to help protect the Public Interest, many of whom are coming forward to share very similar stories of their experiences with you as we have had. 

Kris Deichler, 

Lighthouse Global

Docuseries: WE THE PEOPLE

Trailer by Lighthouse GLobal Media

Docuseries: Exposing the british broadcasting cult

An Introduction by Lighthouse GLobal Media

Have You Suffered At The Hands of The Insolvency Service or From Government Persecution?


The Insolvency Service needs to be held accountable for how they treat the public, especially those who are vulnerable to false accusations and lack the necessary resources to defend themselves against those of the state. They cannot be allowed to continue getting away with abusing their power and processes to bully and destroy the lives of vulnerable business owners and their families through a lack of proper personal and collective scrutiny and accountability.

We are calling on all those in the silent majority to make their voices heard and to speak up with us to fight this governmental ‘Goliath’ through the David vs Goliath initiative.

How the Insolvency Service have treated Lighthouse International Group LLP cannot be allowed to be repeated with other individuals and/or businesses. We must stand together to use our collective voices in not allowing them to get away with their tyranny, bullying incompetence and if applicable, corruption.

Join the Groundswell community of people who are standing up to this tyranny and if you have suffered similar experiences yourself, please get in touch below.