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As professionals in the field of insolvency We want to hear your thoughts and opinions openly or anonymously

Thank you for responding to our email. This page is only accessible to those who have been given the link and is designed to give you, the insolvency practitioner, an opportunity to share your true, open and honest opinions about your experiences and knowledge of the UK Insolvency Service, using the questionnaire form below..

We want to assure you that anything and everything you choose to share with us is received in the strictest of confidence and will not be used in any shape or form that can or will be used to identify you personally, unless you are happy for that to be the case and give us express permission to do so.

Whatever your reason to share with us, as long as it’s done in the right and responsible spirit, we welcome your voice to this conversation. 


Whistleblowers who want to keep their identity a secret and share information under a pseudonym.


Those who want to openly campaign and speak out with us are warmly welcome to get involved.

Conscientious Objectors

Those conscientiously driven to speak up and share their opinions and information 

Our own experiences and opinions about the UK Insolvency Service are no secret and can be discovered and understood throughout the rest of this site. Please feel free to browse it at your convenience. 

We are not anti-establishment. We stand for good governance and pro-government – having the right people in positions of responsibility, but we must and will confront tyranny, injustice, and abuse of power where we find it. Our intention and aim in confronting the UK Insolvency Service is not to vilify or break down, but to hold bureaucratic tyranny strictly accountable as the people the government are meant to be serving and to help bring about necessary REFORM.

You may or may not agree that the UK Insolvency Service requires such reform but your opinions and insights are still of great value and we want to hear from you either way, as someone with the experience of dealing with the UK Insolvency Service regularly. Where you DO see a need for reform and where you feel accountability is needed for justice to be upheld and to protect the public’s best interest, this is your opportunity to speak up. 


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A frank letter that holds the UK Insolvency Service accountable for their utterly incompetent, corrupted, unjust and tyrannical investigation and treatment of Lighthouse International Group.

The Case of Kids Company – The Innocent Charity Destroyed By Insolvency Service Oppression

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Extra Lessons For Karen Baldock, Dean Beale, Michael Bint & Gary Seymour – UK Insolvency Service

Mrs Karen Baldock (pictured above, bottom left) is a Senior Examiner and Deputy Official Receiver at the UK Insolvency Service. After months of exasperating dealings with both her and her equally obtuse, cowardly and incompetent department we have found it only right...

OUR Desired Outcomes

Pro-Government Repentance & Reform Not Retribution

Accountability – We stand for good governance and pro-government with having the right people in positions of responsibility. We are not anti-establishment. We will confront tyranny, injustice, and abuse of power. 

Transparency – Expose government and bureaucratic cover ups of gross incompetence and/or corruption and hold the necessary parties individually and collectively accountable.

Responsibility – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to acknowledge their wrong-doing and make a public apology. 

Order – As Christians we are fierce advocates for the adherence to fundamental principles, upon which the entire legal system is based. These Judeo-Christian principles, such as truth, justice, dignity and the sacred value of human life. We want order and not disorder. 

Justice – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to set the record straight based on a thorough and accurate investigation. 

Reform – Ultimately for the Government and its agencies to reform in such a way that they genuinely serve the public based on principles of truth and justice.

Penance – We want to be compensated for the damages and pain caused directly and as a result of the corrupt investigation and cover-ups. For the time, money and effort that has been committed to this case which could have been printed. 

Repentance – Ultimately we want our persecutors to repent and turn to Christ †

Groundswell – We want to build a groundswell of conscientious people who want to ensure unscrupulous individuals and organisations are held accountable and innocent people have the reach and recourse to respond to tyranny.