The Case of Jeffrey Jones

deliberate misinformation and lies

Provable Background Facts

  • Was mentored for over 2 years after attending a workshop on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Joined the Lighthouse Associate Partnership Programme on a full-time basis.
  • Enthusiastically supported other people on Lighthouse programmes financially. 
  • Has a history of family challenges, depression and struggles with mental health.
  • Rejected a 2 year financial return deal and leaves Lighthouse in acrimony.
  • Joined anti-Lighthouse smear campaigners making false and defamatory reports of his involvement.

Jeffrey is invited to join us and defend his claims on...

Joined Lighthouse International: Nov 2019.

Left Lighthouse International: April 2022.

Destructive Actions

  • Deliberately presented false and misleading information to the Insolvency Service in an attempt to present himself as a victim. His false testimony has contributed to millions in taxpayer’s money being wasted on a corrupt investigation and costly legal process.  
  • Played a leading role in the BBC’s docu-mythry, ‘A Very British Cult’, in which he publicly lied about Paul Waugh, Jai Singh and his experience at Lighthouse International Group.

Lies presented as evidence to the Insolvency Service

  • Claims that Lighthouse operates with the underlying purpose to constantly push for investments or donations by clients into programs or projects that do not materialise.
  • Claims he ‘handed over’ more than £131,000 to Lighthouse under improper and unethical advisement and circumstances 

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Key Pieces Of Evidence


COUNTLess texts and emails expressing views contrary to those now expressed

recordings and communications expressing the pressure on him by his family to leave

Recordings expressing his girlfriend’s opposition to HiS involvement

Asking the average salary would seem big to the average Joe. The way I see it is that money doesn’t reflect the value you get out of lighthouse but what it is is a commitment and if you’re willing to bite the bullet and make that commitment then you’ll put more work into what you’re doing…. That price doesn’t reflect what I get out of lighthouse because I know self-value and the work we can achieve is worth a lot more than that. That’s a years wages but that’s a pretty good sacrifice if you ask me.”

Jeffrey Jones

Recorded conversation about joining the Lighthouse Associate Partner Programme with his mentor, Jai Singh, Oct 2019

Jeff’s history & relationship with Lighthouse

Jeff began receiving mentorship at Lighthouse during a troubled time in his life. He was drinking heavily and out of work but over the next year we supported him to find a full-time sailing role and to rebuild his confidence. Despite the clearly positive impact of this on him, his new girlfriend, Dawn Ingram and some family members severely criticised his commitment to working on himself and the influence mentorship had on him.

In 2021 Jeffrey walked away from Lighthouse as he was perfectly entitled to do. However, he later joined with anti-Lighthouse smear campaign members (something he swore he would never do) taking centre stage in the BBC sensationalised hit-piece programme, ‘A Very British Cult’. Through the BBC and the insolvency service Jeff has very provably distorted his accounts, made very serious false and slanderous statements and lied about the truth of his involvement. We suspect this is due to the very negative influence of those closest to him, Dawn and his family. 

We were very sad to see Jeff leave in the manner he did, to the point of him irrationally rejecting offers from us to help reconcile with him and come to a financial agreement that would benefit him in future. Because of his unlawful attacks and criminal behaviour towards us and lack of repentance, we must now hold him publicly accountable and reveal the many damning facts and pieces of evidence he deliberately withheld from the Insolvency service and the public, in order to exalt himself and cause a great deal of damage to people at Lighthouse.

The Truth & Evidence We Will Demonstrate

  • There was no pressure placed on Mr Leigh Jones to become an Associate Partner Elect, he willingly and enthusiastically entered into each transaction he made. Proven by numerous texts, emails and recordings.

  • Jeffrey Leigh-Jones made numerous investments in himself over a period of time from 2019 to 2022 which he was fully aware of and not coerced into.

  • In September 2021 Jeffrey Leigh-Jones VOLUNTARILY put himself forward for making a further investment into helping more people at Lighthouse and insisted on proceeding with this, even when Mr Waugh said he would cover the investment for him. This was all captured on video at a collective Lighthouse event

  • Mr Leigh-Jones invested in building his character and discipline and healing from his childhood wounds of parental separation and attempting to take his own life. He and we had no idea how damaged he was from these experiences. He didn’t just join an “inner circle of entrepreneurs” and somehow get swindled out of money. 

  • Mr Leigh-Jones (Client 1) said himself that his was a “a biased account” and that he’d “removed the surrounding context”. The ‘surrounding context’ that Mr Jones did not include was the fact that Mr Nash and Mr Waugh had invited him to discuss and negotiate a fair exit from Lighthouse.  In leaving out the whole context, Mr Leigh-Jones has manipulated his account to make it seem that his investment wouldn’t be returned. This is completely false.

  • On the 12th October 2021; Paul Waugh, Chris Nash and Jeffrey Leigh-Jones had  a recorded meeting where Paul offered Mr Leigh-Jones a 2 year deal on his investment to help him exit from Lighthouse fairly and in compassion. This has been confirmed in writing.

  • Jeffrey Leigh Jones’s partner Dawn Ingram was known to be jealous and hostile to his involvement and investment in himself through Lighthouse from the start (texts and recording evidence available).  She has verbally attacked Jai Singh and Lighthouse on Reddit, so we sent a “cease and desist” letter to her employer. The attacks subsequently stopped. 

  • An abusive audio message was sent to Jai Singh from Mr Leigh Jones’s phone but from his girlfriend, Dawn Ingram. The message called him a c**t. Miss Ingram has viciously attacked and abused Paul Waugh and Lighthouse on Reddit for the last 18 months under a pseudonym. She was eventually reported to her employer and the police after numerous attempts at communication for her to stop. All of the claimants and their families have been part of viciously attacking us with racism, hate speech and anti-Christian abuse online. 

  • From the beginning of his involvement in Lighthouse Jeffrey Leigh-Jones’s girlfriend Dawn Ingram and his family were attacking him because of his involvement. This is evidenced in numerous audio clips below of which we have hundreds more in evidence over a period of 2 years, all in Mr Leigh-Jones’s own words and recorded with his permission. They demonstrate the level of family pressure Mr Leigh Jones was under as others have been, which has led to many leaving Lighthouse, then falsely creating stories to try and force unjustified refunds.

Text to Jeffrey Jones on from his mentor Jai Singh outlining the offer to help hi recoup his finances. This was not reported to the Insolvency Servcies and not reported in the BBC documentary he was featured in. March 2022.

WhatsApp message on a group channel from Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (sent to all Lighthouse Associates) sharing about the hugely beneficial impact of the support he was getting at Lighthouse in helping his family. April 2020.


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