The Case of Joanne Holmes

a disgrace to the teaching profession

Provable Background Facts

  • Began mentoring after a difficult divorce and later joined as a Lighthouse Associate Partner, part-time.
  • Very positive and enthusiastic about her involvement but became increasingly distracted by a new love interest.
  • Left Lighthouse suddenly and acrimoniously on 19 April 2021 with no prior mention of any issues or concerns. 
  • Sold her (fabricated) ‘story’ on Lighthouse to the Daily Mail for a sensationalised ‘hit-piece’.
  • Was initially referred to Lighthouse by friend and fellow Associate, Richard Thomas (later also in the Daily Mail)
  • Was co-moderator of a vile, racist, hateful Reddit smear campaign containing thousands of hate filled posts. 

Joanne is invited to join us and defend her claims on...

Joined Lighthouse International: Oct 2019.

Left Lighthouse International: April 2021.

Destructive Actions

  • Provably lied about her experience at Lighthouse International Group to the Daily Mail in an attempt to destroy the reputation of Lighthouse International Group and its partners.
  • Deliberately sought to defame Lighthouse International Group anonymously on Reddit. Ms Holmes endorsed abusive posts and callously mocked Lighthouse Associates who were taking space away from families in order to heal from family abuse.
  • Became moderator of the anti-Lighthouse group on Reddit that endorses lies and hate speech about Lighthouse Associates. 

Lies presented as evidence to the Insolvency Service

  • Concocted a fantasy about going through a very high-pressure sales process, despite being at Lighthouse for several years without complaint.
  • Described a legitimate and legal business model as an illegal ‘pyramid scheme’ only AFTER deciding to leave.
  • Claims she was told that her money would go towards children who needed clean water in Africa or a clean water campaign

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Key Pieces Of Evidence

COUNTLess texts and emails expressing views contrary to those now expressed

recording of her last conversation with CEO Paul waugh and extremely combative unreasonable attitude

Recording of her being told explicitly that her money wasn’t going to go to clean water projects

“I have been pondering the investment and its not much more than the big salary cut I instigated on myself to leave one school to join another that I was quite unsure of , the fear around that was way more than I feel now.”

Joanne Holmes

Text to her mentor and Lighthouse Introducer, Shaun Cooper, Oct 2019

Joanne’s history & relationship with Lighthouse

Joanne was initially referred to her mentor Shaun Cooper by her friend Richard Thomas who was being mentored at the same time.  Joanne had been struggling with a very acrimonious divorce and was sensitively supported through this by Shaun to which she always expressed her appreciation. Joanne’s involvement was only part-time, taking part in live meetings only on Saturdays.

Joanne as a primary school teacher expressed a desire to become someone who could make a difference in education, however every time she was encouraged with this she would stall and avoid working on opportunities. However, she was supported to mentor others herself for a time and she was always very positive and full of praise for Lighthouse up until the very day she left Lighthouse.

Joanne had found a new love interest in the summer of 2020 and her engagement and commitment to her Lighthouse work gradually started to wane and become more lacklustre. After a difficult bout of Covid-19, through which she was heavily supported and provide for by Founder Paul Waugh, Joanne organised a phone call with Mr Waugh and Mr Cooper in which he belligerently began attacking the ethos and functions of the company, in particular around finances.Her attitude and behaviour on this call was shockingly contrary to all past experiences with her and she never returned, which was just a few weeks after Rachel Jones left and an online smear campaign had begun.

Joanne later threatened legal action in a bid to force a refund of the fees she paid a year and half prior, however, as with Rachel Jones this demand was entirely unfounded and unsurprisingly never followed up. Failing that, Joanne not only lied and gave falsified and negatively exaggerated testimonies to the Daily Mail, the BBC and the Insolvency Service, but she co-moderated the anti-Lighthouse reddit forum from which we recorded and logged thousands of belittling, scornful, racist and hateful posts as well as profanity.

Joanne has sadly proven she has a very nasty and bitter streak when falling out with people and an inability to maturely resolve problems with any reason or rationality. May we remind you that this is a Primary School Teacher! We pray for her to repent and heal her bitter heart, as well as pray for the children she has under her charge.

Examples of Anti-Lighthouse Reddit Posts Under Joanne Holmes’ Moderation:


Example 1: Hateful profanity:

Example 2: Racism

Example 3: Anti-religious mockery

The Truth & Evidence We Will Demonstrate

  • Ms Holmes was not pressured into becoming a Lighthouse Associate Partner Elect. She willingly participated in this process, had ample time for doing her due diligence and expressed great appreciation.

  • Ms Holmes was supported with her health by Mr Waugh at his expense. Examples of such acts and expressions of care from him are numerous and were extended to all associates and associate elects in many ways. 

  • Ms Holmes expressed a great level of appreciation and gratitude as well as enthusiasm and positivity for her involvement in Lighthouse throughout her involvement from 2019 to 2021.

  • Ms Holmes herself was involved in referring and involving others in Lighthouse during her time.

  • Ms Holmes’ departure from Lighthouse was sudden, unexpectedly acrimonious and wholly unreasonable. On Sunday 18th April 2021, Ms Holmes sent a WhatsApp message to Mr Cooper expressing concerns related to her financial investment for the first time. 

  • Ms Holmes did not mention a great deal about her new romance in the summer of 2020, but within 8 months of this she would leave in sudden acrimony. From this point she began to noticeably take her commitment to Lighthouse increasingly less seriously. 

  • As has been the experience for many if not all Lighthouse Associate Partners, to varying degrees, even Ms Holmes suffered scepticism, cynicism and  judgements from others about her involvement.

  • Despite the cynicism, judgement and hostility that many who join Lighthouse experience from family and ‘friends’, Mr Waugh and Lighthouse have always encouraged and supported every effort to forge better relationships with them, where possible.

  • Mr Waugh and Mr Cooper went to great lengths to support Ms Holmes’ desire to support and help teachers and schools, exploring different projects and ways for her to research and look into where the biggest difference might be made.

Text from Ms Holmes to her mentor expressing her enthusiasm for raising her £7,000 loan. Nov 2019. (Ms Holmes later claimed to the Insolvency Service that she was pressured into spending such amounts!) 

Text from Ms Holmes to her mentor expressing her appreciation for the time she was being give in able to make her decision to pay her fees to join Lighthouse as an Associate. Oct 2019. (Ms Holmes later described her experience to the Insolvency Service as being under “high pressure sales tactics”!) 


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