Lighthouse's False & Fraudulent Accusers

& The Insolvency Service's Either Corrupt or Highly Incompetent Agents


Insolvency Service’s Reference: ‘CLIENT 1’

  • Admitted to deliberately presenting misleading and false information as ‘evidence’. 
  • Provably lied about Paul Waugh, Jai Singh and his experience at Lighthouse International Group


Insolvency Service’s Reference: ‘CLIENT 2’

  • Fraudulently presented herself as a creditor of Lighthouse International Group when there are no creditors. 
  • Provably fabricated accusations of being bullied by her mentor and Lighthouse Director to leverage an undue refund.

Joanne holmes

Insolvency Service’s Reference: ‘CLIENT 3’

  • Moderator of the anti-Lighthouse group on Reddit that endorses lies and hate speech about Lighthouse Associates
  • Falsely accused Lighthouse of extorting money under false pretences despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Anthony Church

Insolvency Service’s Reference: ‘CLIENT 4’

  • Made statements and presented evidence in direct contradiction to his recorded experiences, but has a turbulent history of paranoia and mental illness. 
  • Harassed other Lighthouse clients and spread false rumours and lies based on conspiracy theories and hearsay. 


Dagmar Spaeth

Insolvency Service’s Reference: ‘CLIENT 6 Family members’

  • Family members of a current Lighthouse associate partner
  • Tania Francis and Dagmar Spaeth have both provided false and misleading information as part of this investigation in their efforts to discredit and destroy Lighthouse that their sister/daughter in Lighthouse refutes. 
  • Tania and Dagmar have been some of the worst proponents of controlling, narcissistic behaviour and harassment of a family member working in Lighthouse
  • Tania Francis was reported to the police for harassment and was given a warning by Surrey Police

X Post by Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Founder & CEO, 23 March 2023

“So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander”.

1 Peter 2:1

Insolvency Service Agents Responsible For Failures

Dean Beale

Michael Bint

karen baldock

gary Seymour

Desired Outcomes

Pro-Government Repentance & Reform Not Retribution

Accountability – We stand for good governance and pro-government with having the right people in positions of responsibility. We are not anti-establishment. We will confront tyranny, injustice, and abuse of power. 

Transparency – Expose government and bureaucratic cover ups of gross incompetence and/or corruption and hold the necessary parties individually and collectively accountable.

Responsibility – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to acknowledge their wrong-doing and make a public apology. 

Order – As Christians we are fierce advocates for the adherence to fundamental principles, upon which the entire legal system is based. These Judeo-Christian principles, such as truth, justice, dignity and the sacred value of human life. We want order and not disorder. 

Justice – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to set the record straight based on a thorough and accurate investigation. 

Reform – Ultimately for the Government and its agencies to reform in such a way that they genuinely serve the public based on principles of truth and justice.

Penance – We want to be compensated for the damages and pain caused directly and as a result of the corrupt investigation and cover-ups. For the time, money and effort that has been committed to this case which could have been printed. 

Repentance – Ultimately we want our persecutors to repent and turn to Christ †

Groundswell – We want to build a groundswell of conscientious people who want to ensure unscrupulous individuals and organisations are held accountable and innocent people have the reach and recourse to respond to tyranny.