The Case of Tania Francis & Dagmar Spaeth

attempted coercion & control of their sister & daughter

Provable Background Facts

  • Tania Francis / Cruise is a practicing solicitor and half-sister of current Lighthouse Associate, Melissa Francis.
  • Dagmar Spaeth is Melissa Francis’ mother.
  • Tania Francis has been central to the malicious anti-Lighthouse smear campaign.
  • Harassed by Tania for years, Melissa asked police not to arrest when offered but just give a warning.
  • Submitted subjective false & baseless accusations to the Insolvency Service without any evidence or experience.

Joined Lighthouse International: N/A (Family Members)

Left Lighthouse International: N/A. (Family Members)

Destructive Actions

  • Has made 18 provably false statements about Melissa Francis (current associate Partner) and Lighthouse International Group that were used as evidence by the Insolvency Service as evidence.

  • Believed to have spearheaded the anti-Lighthouse smear campaign efforts via Reddit to falsely trigger the Insolvency Service’s corrupted investigation


  • Supported Melissa Francis’s father, Martin Francis, to lie publicly on the BBC’s ‘A Very British Cult’ TV and audio broadcasts. This included presenting a sensationalised fiction that Melissa was kidnapped by people at Lighthouse, something she herself refutes. 

Lies presented as evidence to the Insolvency Service

  • That Melissa Francis was (unethically) recruited to Lighthouse using a dating website 

  • That Lighthouse deliberately ‘targets’ young and  ‘idealistic people and ‘reels them in’ to financially exploit them, while plunging them into debt

  • That Lighthouse associates are encouraged to cut contact and estrange themselves from their family 

  • That Lighthouse proactively ‘tears families apart’ and isolates their Associates from any family and friends who ‘dare to question or criticise’ Lighthouse

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Key Pieces Of Evidence

Personal testimony of Melissa francis against their claims

personal letters from Melissa to tania and dagmar expressing the reality of family abuses

Screenshots of reddit posts made by tania Francis under a pseudonym she’s admitted to using

“Verbal abuse from Martin Francis [Father] has been long sustained since I was a teenager in particular. Addressing this behaviour and the controlling and narcissistic behaviour from my mother is why I am currently estranged from both of my parents. This is a fact that Tania (half-sister) is fully aware of.” 

Melissa Francis

Current Lighthouse Associate Partner, Personal Testimony

The Truth & Evidence We Will Demonstrate

  • Melissa Francis submitted a 77-page document to the High Court refuting all 18 false statements made by her mother (Dagmar Spaeth) and her half-sister (Tania Francis) that were used as evidence against Lighthouse International Group by the Insolvency Service

  • Melissa Francis’s public testimony includes the narcissistic abuse she has endured from her family, the impact this had on her health and the healing journey she is on thanks to the support she continues to receive at Lighthouse Global.

  • Melissa Francis has subsequently taken her half-sister (Tania Francis) to court in her efforts to cease her harassment of her. Her barrister (Stephanie Heijdra) was absolutely beside herself at the obsessive and unrelenting harassment exhibited by Tania Francis who is also a Partner at Hempsons LLP.  

  • Tania Francis was reported by her sister Melissa to the police for harassment and given a warning by Surrey Police. When asked by police if they should arrest her, Melissa asked for a warning out of compassion.

  • Tania Francis (half-sister of Melissa), a solicitor, has admitted openly to taking part in the online Reddit smear campaign under the pseudonym ‘Strangerhome’ (featured in screenshots below). She has been central to and believed to have helped spearhead the campaign to have Lighthouse investigated by the Insolvency Service under false claims, providing false testimony of her own in the process, as attested to by her sister Melissa. 


  • Tania Francis has claimed that Melissa was influenced and ‘taken away’ from the family whilst staying at Tania Francis’s home in March 2021. However, the truth is that Melissa was forced to leave Tania’s home due to suffering collective family abuse, bullying and coercion whilst she was trying to heal 5 days after painful invasive surgery due to the effects it had on her health. 

Reddit Screenshots of Tania Francis Pseudonym, ‘Strangerhome’

‘Trying to get an investigation going’

As can been seen in the first screenshot, Tania Francis (‘Strangerhome’) expresses her efforts to get an ‘investigation’ going against Lighthouse International Group.

Ms Francis has openly admitted to be being the person behind the pseudonym ‘Strangerhome’

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“I am making it categorically clear from this point on that as an independent 27 year old woman I expect to be treated as such. If you’re not capable of this, then please don’t bother communicating with me at all. I will always be your daughter but I am not your baby and I will not be patronised as one. I am more than capable of understanding and taking responsibility for what is best for me and atoning for my mistakes and errors when I make them. I am saying this to you here, but the exact same applies to Dad and to Tania and I could be saying this to any of you. As I am sure they will hear about on the little family grapevine that has been so active of late.” 

Melissa Francis

Current Lighthouse Associate Partner, Personal Letter To Her Mother - Dagmar, June 2021


Fabricating the idea of a harmonious family

Contrary to the impression Tania Francis expressed online, when recruiting others to join in her attack on Lighthouse International Group, the reality was a continual campaign of subtle coercion and manipulation to try and control her half sister Melissa’s life choices to be part of Lighthouse.

Melissa wrote various letters to her family members asking them to respect her life choices and raising the issues of toxicity within the family itself. In October and November 2023 Melissa Francis sought a court order against her half-sister Tania in order to get her to cease her harassment of her. 

Neither Tania Francis nor Dagmar Spaeth have ever had any meetings, conversations or meaningful interactions with anyone at Lighthouse. They have consistently ignored Melissa’s views and based their accusations purely on their own subjective speculations and conjecture, fuelled by that of others they found online with malicious motives to slander and destroy the company. 


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“There have been some serious lapses in conscience here and it would have been detrimental to me to stay any longer and thereby encourage this kind of situation to continue or recur. I unequivocally will not condone this kind of spectacle to happen at my expense or anyone else’s again. A Francis family gang-up in the name of ‘concern’ is one of the least loving experiences I have had, so to the degree we can take responsibility for this never happening again, we must make it our absolute mission to learn from this and improve as a family.” 

Melissa Francis

Current Lighthouse Associate Partner, Personal Letter To Her Half-Sister - Tania, July 2021


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