Background To The Winding Up Petition & Judgement

“Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another”.

Ephesians 4:25

Timeline of Events

Below follows a chronological timeline of all the key events leading up to, during and after the Insolvency Service’s corruptly based ‘investigation’ into Lighthouse International Group.

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August 2017

Anthony Church (Insolvency Service source: ‘Client 4’) becomes a web volunteer with Lighthouse.

January 2018

Anthony Church becomes a client of Lighthouse International Group.

April 2019
Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (Insolvency Service source: ‘Client 1’) becomes a client of Lighthouse.
Rachel Jones (Insolvency Service source: ‘Client 2’) becomes a client of Lighthouse. 
July 2019

Joanne Holmes (Insolvency Service source: ‘Client 3’) becomes a client of Lighthouse.

October 2019

Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (‘Client1’), Rachel Jones (‘Client2’) and Joanne Holmes (‘Client 3’) all become Associate Elects of Lighthouse.

February 2021

Predatory trolls start a smear campaign targeting Lighthouse International Group.

March 2021

Rachel Jones (‘Client 2’) leaves Lighthouse, citing personal reasons that included pressure from her parents, but has a desire to ‘stay involved at some level’.

19th April 2021

Joanne Holmes (‘Client 3’) leaves Lighthouse and snubs offers to join Lighthouse Directors Paul Waugh and Shaun Cooper in a meeting to resolve her sudden and unexplained cynicism and reasoning for her departure. Ms Holmes subsequently plays an active role in smearing Lighthouse on Reddit.

17th October 2021

Anthony Church (‘Client 4’) corresponds with Lighthouse Associate Jai Singh, sending false allegations about Jai Singh and Lighthouse and ends his time as a client.

November 2021

Mr Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (‘Client 1’) leaves Lighthouse citing personal reasons and challenges with family/his girlfriend. 

Around this time, Mr Leigh-Jones’s girlfriend (Dawn Ingram) gets in touch with BBC journalist Catrin Nye in an attempt to publicly destroy the reputation of Lighthouse International Group, its people and its work.

24th November 2021

Action Fraud receives the last of 4 false accusations from predatory trolls/ex-Lighthouse Clients.

Jan/Feb 2022 (Estimated time)

Action Fraud hand case to Secretary of State.

February 2022

The Daily Mail approaches Lighthouse International Group for comment in relation to a list of 11 provably false allegations made by the same sources behind the Insolvency Service investigation. Lighthouse sends a 17,000-word response including facts, reason, evidence and witness statements. Almost nothing of this evidence and proof was published.

19th April 2022

The Daily Mail prints the first defamatory press article about Lighthouse International Group that ignores Lighthouse’s reason, evidence and witness statements that debunks the accusations. This article was used by Gary Seymour as 11 pages of evidence for the Public Interest Winding Up Petition against Lighthouse International Group. (N.B. Wikipedia does not credit the Daily Mail as a credible source)

Mid April 2022 (Estimated time)

Lighthouse International Group is reported by the Secretary of State to the Insolvency Service.

8th May 2022

Daily Mail prints a second article about Lighthouse International Group. This article was also used by Gary Seymour as 5 pages of evidence for the Public Interest Winding Up Petition. 

25th May 2022

Paul Waugh starts actively using Twitter to educate the public on the valuable work of Lighthouse International Group, as well as the truth behind the anti-Lighthouse constructive sabotage and smear campaign, including those behind it. (Mr Waugh later posts repeated calls for live interviews and resolution meetings with the accusers that are all ignored)

10th June 2022

Lighthouse International Group publishes its Predatory Troll Assault & False Accusation Register on its community site ( which presents the reality of the malicious and defamatory posts made about Lighthouse and its people on Reddit by predatory trolls using pseudonyms.

13th June 2022

Investigation into Lighthouse International Group is authorised by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and signed off by the Insolvency Service’s Chief Investigator, Edna Okhiria. Three Insolvency Service Investigators; Gary Seymour, Mark George and Russell McAlpine are instructed to investigate.

6th July 2022

First written threat of imprisonment or fines for non-compliance included in a letter to Chris Nash.

26th July 2022

Gary Seymour interrogates Lighthouse Associate Adam Wallis (not a Director) at his private home of residence for 20 minutes. Attending without notice, Mr Seymour presents a letter of authority as a means to intimidate Mr Wallis who informs Mr Seymour he had attempted suicide just days before.

29th July 2022

Lighthouse Director Paul Waugh writes to Gary Seymour explaining how Lighthouse is at breaking point in relation to time, money, effort and health resources given the predatory trolling campaign

18th August 2022

Gary Seymour writes letters to Action Fraud complainants asking for an account of their dealings with Lighthouse International Group.

19th August 2022

Gary Seymour continues to contact Adam Wallis with the threat of imprisonment and fines for non-compliance, despite knowing of his recent suicide attempt. Mr Wallis has since been signed off sick due to the trauma and stress of the smear campaign as well as Mr Seymour’s unannounced home visit.

26th August 2022

Adam Wallis writes a letter of complaint to Gary Seymour along with Insolvency Service Chief Operating Officer Alec Pybus and Chief Investigator Edna Okhiria. Mr Wallis clearly states his suicide attempt, his fragile mental health condition and warns of reporting Mr Seymour to the police for harassment should he contact again him again in person or by other means.

(However, Insovency Service agents would again conduct a further visit at Adam Wallis’s address on 20th May 2023, despite guarantees they would not do so following his prior suicide attempt).

27th August 2022

Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (‘Client 1’) sends his account of his dealings with Lighthouse International Group which he admits is a “biased account” and that he has “removed the surrounding context”.

August 2022 (Estimated time)

Anthony Church (‘Client 4’) sends his account of dealings with Lighthouse International Group through an exchange of emails between himself and Lighthouse Associate Jai Singh.

August 2022

Lighthouse International Group publishes (, a website dedicated to presenting the provable falsehoods printed by the Daily Mail within their two articles on Lighthouse, as well as the motives of the Daily Mail’s (and Insolvency Service’s) sources. There is no mention or reference to this in Gary Seymour’s evidence in the Public Interest Winding Up Petition (despite a link to it being available on Lighthouse’s main website. The link is visibly captured in screenshots Mr Seymour included as evidence).

21st November 2022

Lighthouse International Group publishes provable anonymous accounts of some of the abuse that its Associates and clients have been through. This is abuse that the Insolvency Service’s sources have tried to hide through trying to destroy Lighthouse’s reputation.

6th January 2023

Gary Seymour completes his Witness Statement to support the Public Interest Winding Up Petition against Lighthouse International Group and signs the statement of truth. 

11th January 2023

The Secretary of State’s solicitors, Gowling WLG (UK) LLP, writes to Lighthouse Directors at Lighthouse International Group’s virtual office to inform them of the Public Interest Winding Up Petition and hearing on 28th February 2023. The Secretary of State did not make sure the Lighthouse Directors were aware of this Petition.

23rd January 2023

London Gazette publishes presentation of the Public Interest Winding Up Petition for Lighthouse International Group.

21st February 2023

Lighthouse submits 627 pages of evidence in response including 275 pages of testimonials from more than 75 Lighthouse Associates and clients presenting the positive impact the work of Lighthouse International Group has made in their lives. This was a human case for why the work of Lighthouse is very much in the public interest along with evidence completely disproving the false claims by the Insolvency Service. 

28th February 2023

First hearing of the Public Interest Winding Up Petition. Lighthouse was given the opportunity to submit further evidence by 8th March 2023. The main body of Lighthouse’s evidence, categorically disproving the accusations against them, is ‘put aside’ by Judge Jones in order to spare resources.

9th March 2023

Lighthouse submits a further 86 pages of evidence backing up its reasons to not comply with the falsely triggered investigation, the transparency of its operations and explanation as to why its accounts were not false/misleading.

28th March 2023

Second hearing of the Public Interest Winding Up Petition. Upon realising there’s no possible ways to successfully oppose the Public Interest Winding Up Petition, due to the technicalities of a highly-rigid system, Paul Waugh asks the Judge to wind up Lighthouse International Group.

5th April 2023

The BBC broadcasts their programme, ‘A Very British Cult’, quoting the same fabricated stories and sources as the Insolvency Service’s investigator. The BBC cites the High Court’s outcome to substantiate their false claims, thus amplifying the public damage and cost to Lighthouse of the Insolvency Service’s actions, based on provably false and intentionally malicious testimonies. 


Lighthouse is simultaneously subjected to a barrage of negative press articles based on the BBC production, from the Guardian and The Times to the Sun Newspapers.

6th April 2023
May 2023

Warwickshire Police open investigation into death threats directed at Paul Waugh and individuals at Lighthouse.

20th May 2023

Insolvency Service investigators conduct a visit at Adam Wallis’s address, despite guarantees they would not do so following his prior suicide attempt. (This visit is later confirmed by Karen Baldock, Official Receiver on 1st June 2023 by email)

19th June 2023

A court undertaking is granted by Wolverhampton Family Court to cease the harassment of Lighthouse Associates Jairaj and Sukhraj Singh by their mother Rani Singh. Rani Singh is ordered to not contact or post anything about her sons online for 6 months, with them agreeing to do the same in relation to her.

June-July 2023

Chris Nash provides evidence to the Insolvency Services of the death threats and abusive messages that he and the three other directors received.

July - October 2023

Paul Waugh and Chris Nash continually explain in correspondence to the Insolvency Service without much success in terms of the Insolvency Service understanding, that Lighthouse never had creditors or shareholders. The predatory trolls are lying to the Insolvency Service about this as has been stated all along.

23rd August 2023

Melissa Francis (Current Associate at Lighthouse: referred to as ‘Client 6’) attends first hearing at Guildford Family Court seeking a Non-Molestation Order against her half-sister and Insolvency Service’s source, Tania Francis/Cruise (‘Sister of Client 6’).

13th October 2023

Despite being informed that all 4 Directors of Lighthouse are unfit for Public Examination because of the abuse they have received from the predatory trolls and public death threats, the Insolvency Service confirm that they will start proceedings for a Public Examination.

2nd October 2023

Letter of complaint regarding the actions of the Insolvency Service and Action Fraud sent directly to the Secretary of State for Business & Trade, Kemi Badenoch.

October 2023

Meeting with an MP who stated his dismay at the fact the Secretary of State would launch an investigation into a small business like Lighthouse. An enquiry into why the Secretary of State launched the investigation is initiated. 

2nd November 2023

The Department of Business and Trade responded to our complaint to Kemi Badenoch saying they will not be looking at our complaint. Effectively ignoring it.

13th November 2023

Melissa Francis (Current Associate at Lighthouse: referred to as ‘Client 6’) attends second hearing at Guildford Family Court seeking a Non Molestation Order against her half-sister and Insolvency Service’s source, Tania Francis/Cruise (‘Sister of Client 6’). The case is deemed just shy of the threshold for an NMO to be granted, based on timescales. If the order had been sought sooner after the harassment, then it would have been granted. Ms Francis’ barrister (Stephanie Heijdra) was astounded by the coercively controlling behaviour exhibited by Tania Francis/Cruise (‘Sister of Client 6’).  

7th November 2023

Action Fraud complaint sent.

2nd January 2024

Action Fraud responds asking for a crime number. This is outrageous because if our complaint had been thoroughly read, it would be obvious that we are NOT complaining about Action Fraud’s response to a crime WE reported. We are complaining about the predatory trolls who abused Action Fraud’s systems. It is very concerning that such a question is asked and either shows a lack of incompetence again or a lack of duty of care or something more sinister in a filibustering exercise.

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