The true cost & DAMAGES of Insolvency Service failure

suffering Orchestrated attacks and a successfully weaponised government agency

background to A CORRUPTED INVESTIGATION and its devastating consequences

Why an 'investigation' can be a punishment in itself

In February 2023, as part of our evidence in response to the Public Interest Winding Up Petition we presented a 99-page report on the constructive sabotage smear campaign against Lighthouse International Group that started in February 2021. This report presented proof of: 

  1. The maliciousness, destructive intentions and orchestrated nature of the smear campaign against Lighthouse International Group which includes the weaponisation of the Insolvency Service.  
  2. How the individuals behind the anti-Lighthouse constructive sabotage smear campaign are responsible for triggering the Insolvency Service investigation and subsequent Public Interest Winding Up Petition.
  3. The devastating impact of these attacks on us as individuals and as a research fraternity.
  4. Our mature and measured 3-phased response which included our exhaustive attempts to reconcile and attempts to avoid the use of state resources wherever possible.
  5. A detailed timeline showing our disciplined and reasonable responses to the relentless assaults on us, our characters, our reputations and our work.

CAUTION: This Page Contains Examples of Offensive Language. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

“Putting someone through an investigation because someone has pointed a finger and accused you; whether it is false or not, they put an individual, a family, a small business or a small community through hell, in order to find out if these people [the accusers] were lying or not. It’s just despotic! It’s demonic, it’s a heinous act of so-called punishment in itself. These people are blind to that and no one steps up and holds them accountable… until we [Lighthouse] came along.” 

Paul Waugh

Founder & CEO, Lighthouse International Group / Lighthouse Global

We are SEEKING REFORM, Not revenge

The purpose of this site and our associated groundswell is to seek REFORM. To want ‘justice’ without genuinely wanting reform is to be motivated by revenge and that is NOT our desire or intention here.

We are pro-government. We need an Insolvency Service. It’s a necessary institution for business in this country. We are not anarchists and we want to uphold a fair and decent society based on universal, timeless and self-evident laws and principles.

Our goal is for the Insolvency Service and the Secretary of State for Business and Trade’s department to repent and take responsibility for their wrongdoing, incompetency and misdeeds, on an individual as well as collective level. There needs to be sweeping reformative steps and radical action to ensure transparency, accountability and necessary changes to systems and processes on an upward spiral of reform. We will not rest until this is achieved.

When there are any grievances between two parties, reasonable actions from both sides will lead to mutually beneficial solutions and opportunities, including reconciliation. Those without dignity and respect will resort to vindictive, selfish and destructive behaviour.   

The Insolvency Service’s sources have refused to:

    1. Engage with the established complaints process at Lighthouse International Group which handles grievances based on facts and evidence.  
    2. Sit down and negotiate a fair outcome (or have turned down our offers) with lawyers present if required.
    3. Pursue a course of action through the civil courts if unable to agree terms out of court. 

So why have the Insolvency Service’s sources sought to initiate a constructive sabotage smear campaign based on malicious falsehoods and deceptive half-truths? 

    1. These are hateful and vengeful people who lack the conscience and maturity to act with reason, logic and respect. They resorted to the self-centred, abusive and destructive tactics they employ when things don’t go their way. 
    2. The amount of time, care and attention we invested into these ex-clients far exceeds what they invested in themselves though Lighthouse International Group. We have tirelessly served the likes of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, Rachel Jones, Joanne Holmes and Anthony Church. We have extended ourselves massively over a sustained period with relentless support over the years to help with incredibly challenging personal and professional situations. 
    3. There’s no legitimate claim of fraud. A lot of our support has been pro bono or at a reduced rate compared to any professional mentor, coach or counsellor. We did not stop offering support and we maintained our commitment to their growth in line with their reasons for investing in themselves through Lighthouse International Group.
    4. The Insolvency Service’s sources were extremely grateful for how we helped them over a sustained period of time. There are hundreds, if not thousands, expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the help we’ve provided – all evidenced by text messages, audio recordings and emails.
    5. The real reasons for ceasing involvement with Lighthouse International Group expose how people have given up when things got hard. Clients ceased their involvement at Lighthouse International Group because their circumstances changed (eg new boyfriend), they realised that we do not provide quick-fix solutions with no work required and/or were pressured by controlling family members, partners, friends etc.
    6. A complete lack of understanding of the people at Lighthouse International Group and the work we do. Almost half of the Insolvency Service’s sources weren’t even clients of Lighthouse International Group. Therefore they had no understanding or appreciation of our work. 
    7. Relatives of Lighthouse clients have a personal vendetta against us at Lighthouse International Group. Controlling family members (like Tania Francis & Dagmar Spaeth) want to destroy the people and work at Lighthouse International Group to hide the abuse and neglect in their family member’s upbringing.      

Therefore the Insolvency Service’s sources have needed to fabricate an elaborate and delusional story of Lighthouse International Group being a fraudulent cult. This is an attempt to leverage taxpayer resources to force undue refunds through posing as creditors with no proof.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all”.

Psalm 34:19

The proof of an orchestrated attack

As part of our evidence submitted to the Secretary of State, its legal counsel and the High Court, we presented a high-level overview of how a relatively small group of hateful people have intentionally colluded in deliberately coordinated attempts to destroy our lives and livelihoods. This malicious intent has been publicly stated on Reddit. 

The High Court was clearly shown 10 ways that the Insolvency Service’s sources have obsessively and psychopathically pursued every accessible means to try to assassinate our health, wellbeing, characters, reputations and business prospects. This has been callously coordinated using lies and deception whilst being fuelled by hatred.


  1. Relentless attacks online: More than 3,400 posts and comments on Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter. More than 1,606 destructive tweets from convicted criminal Jon Breen who’s created over 215 anonymous Twitter accounts and actively sought to sabotage relationships online. 
  2. Recruiting hateful support online: Dedicated anti-Lighthouse subreddit created to build memberships around the anonymous sharing of malicious falsehoods about Lighthouse and its people. As it stands it has 147 members. [This has since increased to 560 members because of the BBC documythry “A Very British Cult” that we are addressing through the David vs Goliath Live Showdown].
  3. Doxing location of children: Revealing the location of Paul Waugh’s place of residence, thus putting him and his family at risk. As a convicted stalker, Jon Breen replied that he would “scour the regions”.
  4. Setting up defamatory websites: 4 constructive sabotage websites created to spread lies and half-truths about Lighthouse and its partners (including one specifically targeting Kris Deichler as an individual).
  5. Broadcasting malicious falsehoods through the press: 2 libellous articles published in the Daily Mail written based on provable lies from their sources; Rani Singh, Richard Thomas, Joanne Holmes (Client3), Anthony Church (Client4) and ****** ***** (who cannot be named because of the abuse she experienced as a child). 
  6. Recruiting so-called experts to endorse lies without investigation: Used so-called cult experts like Graham Baldwin, Alexandra Stein and Rick Alan Ross to label Lighthouse as a cult on their websites, on social media and in published reports.
  7. Abusing position as a radio show host: radio coverage on 3 episodes of the Miss Singh Question shows on River Radio by Rani Singh as the abusive mother of Lighthouse Associate Partners Jai Singh and Sukh Singh. [Following our complaint, River Radio has since been in breach of Ofcom conditions and ceased broadcasting.] 
  8. Slander on podcasts: Lighthouse referenced as a cult on two Frankie Files podcasts and a Reddit discussion hosted by ‘The Cult Vault’.   
  9. Seeking legitimacy through mainstream media: Attempts by the Daily Mirror and BBC to publish/broadcast biased coverage against Lighthouse, its people and their work. [The BBC subsequently went ahead with the broadcast of A Very British Cult.]
  10. Weaponising government resources: Abusing government agencies and taxpayers’ money to illegitimately investigate Lighthouse, drain our resources and destroy evidence to completely discredit the constructive sabotage smear campaign.

High-level list of damages

The impact of these orchestrated attacks has been devastating to our health, wellbeing, families and incomes. 

  • 2 suicide attempts by Lighthouse Associates who have subsequently needed to leave (including one Associate who had been involved for 14 years). Other Associates have suffered from suicidal thoughts.

  • Multiple Lighthouse Associates signed off work, in therapy or have had to leave due to the stress of these attacks. 

  • Children have feared for their lives after their location was doxed to a convicted stalker.

  • Families have been split apart with young children separated from their parents.

  • 3 Lighthouse Associates harassed by family members have needed to take their relatives to court in order to put and end to their harassment. (For more details, please see the reports on Tania Francis and Rani Singh).

  • Personal and professional reputations smeared publicly online and in the media. Lighthouse International Group has been portrayed as a sinister and fraudulent cult.

  • Thousands of hours spent responding to online and media attacks invested by Lighthouse Associates with associated opportunity costs. 

  • Lost business opportunities for Lighthouse Associates as self-employed mentors and coaches.

Our 3-phased approach to addressing these attacks

This constructive sabotage smear campaign has been in operation for over 3 years. We have needed to show unprecedented levels of self-restraint in order to withstand these pernicious attacks whilst responding in a measured way.

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord”

Hebrews 12:14

Our attempts to reconcile

Paul Waugh has publicly offered to meet with those who have had issues with Lighthouse on more than 50 occasions. These invitations have been made to individuals and the group as a whole. No one has been willing to take him up on his offer.

Assailants have been publicly asked by Paul Waugh more than 12 times for permission to release our evidence to counter the falsehoods online and in the Daily Mail. No one has given permission for us to do this. Joanne Holmes and Richard Thomas sought to have their information deleted through issuing Subject Access Requests (SARs) and the use of the Information Commissioner’s Office. They are seeking to delete evidence we hold to refute false claims made against us. 

Working with employers

With those who ignored our attempts to reconcile directly, we sought to work with employers as an objective third party. The intention was to find a way to help the constructive saboteur to see that their hateful and vengeful attitude is not a healthy one for resolving disagreements. The intention was for them to cease their behaviour, repent and make things right, not have them fired. 

Working with the police

Since March 2022 we have been working with the police to hold our constructive saboteurs for their harassment of Lighthouse Associates online and offline. 

Troll Assault & False Accusation Register

What proved to be highly effective was to publicly present the reality of what defamatory material was posted against us. Unsurprisingly this was mocked on Reddit, but it proved to be very effective at slowing down the number of posts and comments on Reddit.  

Taking it to them: exposing the lies and real issues

After all the attempts to reconcile, working through employers and working with the police, we’ve needed to move into the offensive phase. This has meant challenging the greatest taboo of family abuse.

Why are we now creating dedicated websites in relation to the Insolvency Service and its sources?

The creation of this and other sites is part of the offensive phase. There is nothing we are doing now that we couldn’t have done 3 years ago. However, our attempts to respond with self-restraint was taken as weakness and abused. We have experientially shown that seeking to reconcile with people who want to see you destroyed do not act with maturity and care.   

  • When we allowed the attacks to happen without response, the attacks intensified.
  • When we sought to reconcile, our efforts were mocked.
  • When we defended ourselves through presenting the truth and reality with evidence, we were accused of being hateful. 
  • When we made warnings of involving employers and the police, we were accused of issuing empty threats. 
  • When we followed through on our warnings of involving third parties we were accused of being unreasonable and overreactive. 
  • When we started to expose the reality of the abuse that our assailants sought to cover up through attacking us, they were in complete denial.  

Only when we have actively taken it to our assailants have we been taken seriously. There is a good reason why it is advised not to negotiate with terrorists. The Insolvency Service’s sources have actively sought to terrorise us. 

We are explicitly showing the Insolvency Service who they are supporting and endorsing through their coverup. 

Desired Outcomes

Pro-Government Repentance & Reform Not Retribution

Accountability – We stand for good governance and pro-government with having the right people in positions of responsibility. We are not anti-establishment. We will confront tyranny, injustice, and abuse of power. 

Transparency – Expose government and bureaucratic cover ups of gross incompetence and/or corruption and hold the necessary parties individually and collectively accountable.

Responsibility – We want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to acknowledge their wrong-doing and make a public apology. 

Order – as Christians we are fierce advocates for the adherence to fundamental principles, upon which the entire legal system is based. These Judeo-Christian principles, such as truth, justice, dignity and the sacred value of human life. We want order and not disorder. 

Justice – we want the Secretary of State and the Insolvency Service to set the record straight based on a thorough and accurate investigation. 

Reform – Ultimately for the Government and its agencies to reform in such a way that they genuinely serve the public based on principles of truth and justice.

Penance – We want to be compensated for the damages and pain caused directly and as a result of the corrupt investigation and cover-ups. For the time, money and effort that has been committed to this case which could have been printed. 

Repentance – Ultimately we want our persecutors to repent and turn to Christ †

Groundswell – we want to build a groundswell of conscientious people who want to ensure unscrupulous individuals and organisations are held accountable and innocent people have the reach and recourse to respond to tyranny. 

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